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Analysis on the Lucky Chang Coin:

Shen-ji says: It's not magical, and it's made of tin, stamped from a die.

Stoneback Cho:

There are many single coins of this type all over the Kingdoms. There is a greater number of them in the Hon'eth Arcade, north of the Port of Auspicious Voyage, and a greater number still in the great peaks of Iron Mountain. I would have to be closer to these areas to narrow it down further.

Master Takanata read my I Ching again after the Day of The Spider, and says this:

"May you live in interesting times" is a curse, but it is also a blessing.
To seek to be worthy of another's trust leads to betterment.
The man who extends his hand to another in friendship finds that he has four hands to work with instead of two.
The victorious enemy is denied his just prize.

The last line replaces "When his enemy is victorious will the game be unmasked." So Lucky Chang missed something--perhaps the Great Talisman of the Dragon? The Connections reading after "On The River" says that "Some of the Marked hope to be made Emperor." I speculate that some of them already have positions that they're happy with, but that Lucky Chang is looking for that. (It would seem to fit with wanting and missing the Dragon Talisman.)