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After "Whispered Secrets", Anto and Cai Wen told the Savanna ambassador that Merchant Siri had stolen his treasure, and that Machan Li had admitted to "arranging the blockade". The ambassador was not much impressed with the thing about Machan Li, but he forthwith went looking for Siri, and there was a running chase out of the city (Nine Terraces). No word on how it ended.

The Dragon Scroll which was given away by Duke Lan at his funeral (before he became alive again) was given to him as a wedding present when he married his first wife (Kuai's mother).

Cai Wen's I Ching reading, from Takanata, was:

"May you live in interesting times" is a curse, but it is also a blessing.
To seek to be worthy of another's trust leads to betterment.
The man who extends his hand to another in friendship finds that he has four hands to work with instead of two.
When his enemy is victorious will the game be unmasked.

When Cai Wen went to the Golden Spire in the City of Spires, and meditated on the line "When his enemy is victorious will the game be unmasked" over the mosaic of the Fox, he saw an image of a great bear made of stone. After a timeless time, it moved and then cried out in pain.