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After The Coil

Dex-based gambling games are prevalent (though, not exclusively so) in the Savanna. Players are not as rich as in the Arcade, but they are very competitive. Wei Han's uniform gets good reactions here.

Lucky Chang ran a great plan against the Namgung clan, wherein he bet the clan warlord that he could singlehandedly beat the house guards in a contest of arms. He accomplished this when it turned out that the ground (selected as part of the bet) was a rice field that was due to be flooded on the day of the fight; Lucky Chang showed up with some kind of swimming bladder, and the guards had a hard time with their armor in a flooded field. No clue what he won.

Clan power mostly correlates to the size of the land they hold. The Royal clan holds the land with the main Dragon Army training command and also the Southern Command stronghold. The Royal clan doesn't seem to dominate the other clans directly, but there are constant shifting alliances, and the Royal clan tends to have the upper hand there.

There is some tension due to some of the clans helping with the Butterfly blockade while others didn't get involved. This seems to be typical of Savanna politics--if they're not going after someone else, they're probably going after each other. One guy thought that if the non-supporting clans had their act together, they'd have invaded the clans that sent all of their guys down the river...obviously, that didn't happen.

Still no clarity on the question of whether the original plan was blockade or invasion, or whether/when that plan might have changed.

After Fire And Ice

As of late in the month of the Phoenix in the Third Year of the Fox after the crowning of Ti Lao, the Fair Seas (the Butterfly treasure ship) is docked at the main river port of the Royal Clan of the Savanna. The ship is no longer being as heavily guarded as it was right when it arrived; it appears to have been unloaded into the Royal Clan stronghold.

Knowledge of the specifics of the treasures isn't that widespread; they aren't being shown around or anything. Negotiations on the disposition of the treasure are in the early stages. There is jockeying going on about whether the ship counts as Serious Loot or not, which mostly appears to be a negotiating gambit. (Possibly by the Royal Clan.)

Min Feng was listening around, and she recognized one of the Butterfly guards from the treasure ships was hanging around, no longer in uniform, looking like he was no longer in service. She recognized him by voice, having heard him on the ship chasing the angry mob around (back in "Ship of Gold"), so it's not that his cover is flimsy; she happened to remember his voice.

I don't see much possibility of getting the Treasures back at this point, unless they're transported to other clan strongholds after the negotiations.