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(Note, any of this stuff could be false, since I have no particular skill at interrogation, and was just talking to him.)

  • The southron's name is Ajeel.
  • The southron country is the Kingdom of Senat. They don't have an empire, or other kings that Ajeel talked about.
  • Ajeel thought that we worship the animals represented by the Cycle.
  • Southron money consists of metal sticks.
  • They have cities.
  • They have something called "castes" which determine what you will do based on your family's caste, down to details--Ajeel is an herbalist because his father is one. There are separate merchant castes for iron and food, for example.
  • When asked about elements, Ajeel seems to think there are only three of them: fire, water, and earth. His herbalist knowledge includes association of some herbs to elements, and some illnesses to elemental imbalances. He doesn't have the idea of elemental spirits per se, though he did mention there are local "gods" who oversee particular herbs and plants.