Zi Miro Khan

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The voting member of the Regency Council from the Jade Taiga. First encountered by the party in Shadow Puppets.

Some information as of early in Book Seven:

The Zi family is closely tied to the Royal family (kind of like the Zhaos). The Royal allies tend to be smaller families with a lot of individual personal clout, compared to the Ducal families, which have a lot of their power based on land and fealty. Zi Miro Khan visits reasonably often; sometimes he stays with the King, sometimes at the Zi estates, depending.

He's generally considered to be a good player at the Taiga game of alliances - often younger nobles will spend a year or two in the Dragon's Throne as his guest; this gets them greater Imperial connections, as well as a connection with the Regent that is frequently called upon in both directions later. The one place where his own agenda is believed to diverge from the King's is that he dislikes the Savanna more.