Autumn Rose

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A high lady from the Hidden City, first appearing in Compass Rose, the daughter of the Cartogramancer.

An Old Buddy Told Li Merit

(name not in file): AKA Autumn Rose

Autumn Rose is not very deep into the politics or government of the Hidden City, though she is well known on the social scene. She's the daughter of the Imperial Cartographer, Su Song, a minor noble in the Imperial Court who received some recognition for his artistic skills as well as attention to detail as a map maker for the Dragon army, leading to an imperial commission being bestowed by the Regency Council when Autumn Rose was but a girl. (A little over a cycle ago.)

While Su Song seems to prefer to remain out of the public eye, Rose eclipsed her father in both charisma and status as she grew older, and is now a fixture of the social scene in the City. She has an uncanny knack for getting herself invited to almost any gathering, seemingly in inverse proportion to the difficulty of securing an invitation. That is, the more exclusive an event, the more likely she is to attend if she so desires. How exactly she manages to get her name on the rarest of guest lists is a bit of a mystery.

She does spend about a third of her time outside of the city travelling on various social errands, staying with important nobles in the Hon'eth Arcade, the Forest of Chin, and the Jade Taiga. She tends to not visit the outskirts of the Empire however, preferring the more metropolitan areas.

She has a predilection towards ostentatious spending, but her father's position seems to be sufficient to keep her in the funds necessary to support her habits.

She has never visited the Butterfly Kingdom, disliking ships/sea travel.