Boar's Charge Homework

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Xiao Fa comes to find Lijuan:

Since your Boar’s Charge is about prosecuting the chase, above and beyond all obstacles, in order to restore it you must re-establish your willingness to complete the chase against difficult odds.

1. Chase and catch a target faster than you (one suggests a bird that can fly). Use Energy with Running and Perception. (Done -- Tabun with terrain.)

2. Chase and catch a target better suited to the terrain than you (one suggests a deer through the woods). Use Dex with Running and Acrobatics.

3. Chase and catch a target that is not so much fast as it is difficult to keep track of (one suggests a fish in a stream). Use Agility with Running and an appropriate weapon skill (to herd it). (Done -- bug with sword and net.)

For each chase, figure out what you rate to get in successes (Add any fortune you intend to spend before you figure what you rate, not after). Assume that the prey gets 2 more successes than you. Come up with a plan that gets you enough extra successes to beat (and catch) the prey.

When you have done so, come back and tell me what you have learned of the nature of pursuit.

N.B. Feel free to catch different prey, but take care to choose different environments for each (the examples include air, earth, and water), use a different stat for each, and change at least one of the skills you use with each.

-Eon, for Xiao Fa