Bridge of Moonlight

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One of the remarkable landmarks of the Twelve Kingdoms, the Bridge of Moonlight spans the Jasmine River in the middle of the Jade Taiga. There appears to be a Dragon Army plan afoot to move it downstream a bit.

"it doesn't tend to be a place that adventures take place, but sometimes people cross it at the beginning or end of an adventure, and sometimes tragic stories end with the broken-hearted lovers committing suicide by jumping off the bridge into the Jasmine River. Hana notes that the ghosts she knows are from women who have drowned themselves in the Jasmine, so it's more common than you might think. Xian notes that there are some accounts of spirits or demons or other not-normally-seen beings crossing the bridge under the full moon, but the bridge doesn't go to the World Above or anything like that. Sometimes when you cross the bridge under the full moon, you can see three moons - one above, and one reflected in the river on either side of the bridge."

The Marked want it moved to make the highways more Spidery.

The river and Takanata don't want it moved.