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The Bureaucrat is one of the Marked, the Eight Legs of Aku, as seen in the world above.

He's the Lord Mayor of the Dragon's throne. He's also a eunuch.

On The Topic Of Taking Him Down

In Testing, One Two Three, Xiao Fa agreed with Lucky Chang that we would collaborate to take down the Bureaucrat during Book Ten. We should think about that.

Some assets:

  • The Illumineaucracy mechanic is the Mayor's Game; this can probably be either a distraction or a line of attack.
  • Some people we know who are either powerful bureaucrats or have significant bureaucracy skill/contacts:
  • When the Jade Taiga Renaming Ritual goes off, since it involves a meeting of the Regency Council (which is the Bureaucrat's job to manage for the Marked, so we hear), that may be a line of attack.

Takanata asks: Do we know who Hadisen was working on the Imperial Line mechanic for? Do we know who the bureaucrat who's after River Ford is? Those might both be useful pieces of information if we want to use Hadisen against the Bureaucrat.

ZCW asks: What is important enough to the Bureaucrat that it would draw him into a battle where he could be Defeated? (I think Defeat is preferable to killing him because it leaves the Marked to clean him up, rather than immediately opening a slot for a new Marked recruit.) My best guess is, if we could remove him as Mayor, that would count as Defeating him. We should learn the Mayor mechanic.