Call of the Ocean

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As the sun sets, five people enter the ritual circle carrying a large amount of fine cloth. At the direction of their leader, they cover the items in the circle so they cannot be seen, getting 6 successes of concealment before the moon rises. (Invoking the Yin.)

As the moon rises, a sixth participant comes up to the edge of the circle, carrying a large horn (somehow thematically tied to the sea - conch shell? jade with carvings? this is a possible experiment. Proper phase of the moon is also a possible experiment.). Blowing the horn, they invoke the Yang with six successes of Music, driving the four assistants back towards the edges of the ritual circle.

The Leader looks at the Hornblower, frowns, and uncovers a large boulder, rolling it to the edge of the circle blocking entry. The Hornblower looks over the assistants, points at one, and blows the horn again. That one moves forward, and the Hornblower hands him a pickaxe. Using the pickaxe, he divides the rock repeatedly, until there is only a pile of sand. (6 successes strength with feats of strength/pickaxe/???). He sprinkles the sand at the edge of the circle, and the Hornblower steps into the circle, onto the sand. (Transformation of earth).

The Leader frowns, and points to the edge of the sand, then pulls the cloth off a small boat (on wheels), and mimes that it is too far from the edge of the sand for the Horblower to reach. The Hornblower points at another assistant, and blows the horn. He throws the assistant a rudder, and the assistant must sail the boat to the edge of the sand (6 successes sailing), where the Hornblower and the first assistant board. (Mastery of Wood)

As they begin to leave the beach, the Leader unveils an Anchor and chain, snapping the chain onto the back of the boat, and throwing the Anchor into the sand, trapping the boat. The Horn is blown, and the third assistant is summoned. The Hornblower hands them a hammer and chisel, and they must go to the back of the chain and snap it, (6 successes blacksmith) then climb into the boat. (Destruction of Metal)

As the boat begins moving again, the Leader uncovers the rest of the circle, revealing it is full of dangerous ruts, rocks, and reefs. The Hornblower summons the last assistant by blowing on the Horn, and hands them a torch. The assistant must ignite a set of lighthouses, allowing the boat to navigate its way through the circle and out the side opposite where the Hornblower came in. (6 successes Navigation) (Seeking by Fire)

As the Hornblower and the boat leave on one side, the Horn is blown a final time, discharging the Yang into the Horn, and making it a Horn of Create Sea Water. (1/book, pour out Vast Storms of Area (6 power)). At the same time, the Leader wraps himself in the cloth and disappears with it, discharging the Yin into the Cloth, making it Cloth of the Waves (always on, makes gentle murmuring like the sound of the sea (1 power - pleasant)).


First Hint

The aesthetics of this are more about invoking mastery of a ship and sailing, rather than precisely the sea. Possibly it would work better to have it not all focused on the same boat, but different aspects of ocean (multiple boats, fish, swimmers, etc.

Second Hint

A pickaxe is the wrong tool for creating sand. You really want something (at the final stages) that grinds instead of chops. The rocks used to make the sand should be something very white, like quartz (sparkly!) or maybe limestone is probably best, along with some salt.


  • 2 Yang points for the "making sand" experiment.