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Previous "Moll of the Week" NPCs picked up by Zhu Cai-Wen

Butterfly Meadows

  • Golden Flame: Commander of the Seahorse Cavalry. Moll Artifact: A throwing net

Dragon's Throne

  • Hideko Koiso: Secretary to the Butterfly Regent. Moll Artifact: The Magic Rolodex
  • Ming I nka Wu Wangmu: Used to be a minion of the Alchemist (and later seconded to Precious Jade); then was cursed to be Nameless. Now has a name again and runs an alchemy shop. Moll Artifact: A point of Spirit Power
  • Yanling: Formerly the most attractive soldier in the Dragon Army, now the most attractive member of the Jade Guard, also a member of the Si Fan. Moll Artifact: The Wonder Woman Bracers

Hon'eth Arcade

  • Ayuki: A ninja from the House of the Laughing Shadow. Moll Artifact: A katana (maybe a holdout katana?)
  • Chiyo: Lieutenant of Infantry in Dragon Army Northeast Command. Moll Artifact: An Ivory-handled sword (referred to by Horse as "...the spirit sword")
  • Inspector Li: A cop in the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival. Moll Artifact: A fancy spyglass
  • Xi: An actress with great skill in romantic roles
  • Kiri: A sea lass, once an officer on the Moon's First Daughter. Stolen by Renyu, but now back together with Cai Wen.

Illuminated Precincts

  • Willow: Ace mechanics hacker for Revered Sage Shentu Guan
  • Zhantai: An apprentice of Yuwen Fire-eye

Jade Taiga

  • Bao: The Bandit Queen. Moll Artifact: The Magic Skyhook
  • Fen-Si: A servant at the Royal Spire

Plains of Honor

  • Mai: A serving girl at a winehouse in a large town

Qin Qiao Steppes


  • Lei-Ling: A mysterious lady from Nine Terraces. Moll Artifact: A mysterious locket

Plausibly Might Be Anywhere

  • Chao-Li: Daughter and assistant to Solicitor Chan (Met in Port of Propitious Voyage). Moll Artifact: A magic quill
  • Chau Mei: Purveyor of Impossible Plans (Met in Jade Taiga)
  • Mei-Zhen: A Mirror Demon (Reflected City / Harbor of Shining Reflections). Moll Artifact: A small magic mirror
  • Merchant Siri: A member of the Keepers Of The Hoard
  • Mystique: Previously traded to Horse by her father, Machan Li; now Cai Wen owes Horse some help in return for formally freeing her. Moll Artifact: The Mystic Abacus (tells you if a plan adds up...)
  • Sakushi: The Great Fox Spirit
  • Sho Fi: The Femme Fatale for Ford's Crew. Moll Artifact: The Mesmerizing Earring that makes people forget who talked them into this thing...

All Broke Up

  • Petal: A young woman from the Arcade. First date did not go well
  • Seoyeon: A noble daughter in the Hidden City. Surrendered to the Alchemist to protect secrets

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