Character Creation

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  • Write us a 1 paragraph summary of your character. History, personality, whatever, just give us an idea what you are thinking.
  • Select your Specialty and animal aspect from the Cycle. The combination of these two are your character Concept: "Butterfly/Wood Sorcerer", "Bear/Swordsman", and so on.
  • Buy up to three initial Shticks and buy up your stats up from their base values using a total of 100 EPs.
  • Define the Source for your initial shticks, if they're not self-taught.
  • Buy 100 SPs worth of ranks in Skills.
  • Choose a Plot Hook - this can be an interesting flaw, or a mystery, or NPCs of some sort. The plot hook need not be just a disad, but it should be the sort of thing that could cause your character to do something they would otherwise not want to do.

This spreadsheet might come in handy. You can play with numbers on the page, but copy it before using it for real.