Chi Master Ko

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A Chi Master who lives in the Strand, near a pleasant lake not too far from Nine Terraces.

Chi Master Ko was summoned to the Whispered Ball at the last minute, presumably as part of the Viridian Queen's gift to the party for helping out some messengers who were afflicted with the Palm. She said that Master Zhou could ask 3 questions, and she would make sure that those who could answer them would be at the Ball. His questions were:

  1. What is happening at Iron Mountain?
  2. What is the point of the changes in the chi of the Empire?
  3. Who arranged the assassination attempt against Ti Lao?

Presumably, Master Ko was summoned because he could answer #2. He believes that in the past decade or so, the highways and aspects of the Empire's chi have been being reoriented to provide great chi conduit into the spirits of the Cycle. Given the changes being made, he expects it to be complete in the next few months.