Council of Revered Sages

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They are a council, in the Illuminated Precincts. We don't know too much about them. They have individual veto rights over policy.

  • Willow works for Councillor Shentu Guan.
  • Councillor Cheng has been censured in History and Fiction.
  • Councillor Tuan is an expert in the practical arts, such as architecture, textiles, and ceramics.
  • Councillor Qiangdu Lihua was interested in making the chi of the Empire more Tortoise-y in Dramatic Arts
  • Councillor Sima is young for a sage, he has a plan that involved matchmaking for a cross-section of the Dragon Army.
  • Councillor Doma is the oldest and most senile of the sages. One of his guys works for Li Merit.
  • The Regent from the Precincts is a member