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Obtained from the Cryptomancer; initial names filled in by Autumn Rose. Once/run (or once/puttering) per person, anyone may make a "guess" at a filled-in version of the page, and spend a Chi and make a Chi roll using any divination-type skills. For each success, you will get some sort of correction to the page, or verification of the things that you guessed correctly.



The divine* of names named Autumn Rose performed a divination of names, using her own name and the name of Tokai Takanata, at ____e behest she ___ ____. The name she sought was that of the nemesis of Takanata, *i the Wanderer, and this name was found, with her own and that of Takanata, in the Palimpsest Book, three p_g__ previous to this page.

Li the Wanderer ****ed three s**vants and six of the Firelord's guards on the way to the chamber of the Smoked Glass in the Shrouded Citadel.

The Firelord gazed into the Smoked Glass, seeking a vision of the blockade. He saw first the rea****, ships and ocean, and did not find what he sought: an answer to why the Dragon Army continued the now mostly ineffective blockade. Then his vision shifted to the chi of the blockade, and he saw that even the few ships still in place cut off the chi of the Shrouded Isle from that of the mainland. Then he saw ** the Wanderer slipping from the room, and drew his sword to slay the intruder, but he was weak from the noxio** fumes and called for his guards.

Key: * - Takanata/Charles suggests not guessing these words.

Words that Don't Appear Again

  • Two letter words: Qi Ti as at by do go if is no on or so to we
  • Three letter words: bee box but can chi day die dry end eye fat had her how its its let lip man net new old one one pig rat ray rub run sea sun tin toe top two wax wet yet you
  • Four letter words: arch army away best boat city comb drop east east ever face find fold from gone hall kill look make meat mine move poor push road sent stop swim tail tall that thin used walk west what when whip
  • Five letter words: Yoshi angle armor boats boats chaos clear dirty first firth floor flows grass knows money offer plane power river sails their tired wants watch which which woman would
  • Six letter words: armies before breath button evaded fixing hidden killed mirage mother narrow prison sister
  • Seven letter words: Citadel capital country effects estates islands kingdom leather masters serious skipped tableau warlord weather
  • Eight letter words: addition approach arriving blockade daughter delicate distance instruct learning obsidian pleasure probable separate sorceror
  • Nine letter words: betraying literally maintains
  • Ten letter words: addition collection delicate divination probable
  • Eleven letter words: ineffectual
  • Punctuated words: ornament's

Other Hints

NOTE: The GMs have been adding hints here as they have been generated; we generally have not been checking if they are figured out.

  • The letter "p" appears 12 times, and the letter "o" 59 times, but never in the combination "po" (Partially Satisfied; eleven 'p's and 57 'o's)
  • The pair of letters "on" does not appear any more than the six times that it already does.
  • In "He saw first the _______", the blank has two letters from "harb" in it somewhere, and four letters from the word "tableau".
  • In "weak from the _______" three of the letters from "arduous" are correct.
  • The pair of letters "in" does not appear any more times than those it has already been filled in.
  • In "at _____ ______", the second blank is the word "best". Approximately.
  • In "_____ p_g__ previous", the first blank has three letters from the word "firth".
  • In "at ____e behest she ___ ____", the last blank has a "th" and an "i" in it.
  • There are no more m's.

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