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Charles/Takanata's take on Dragon's Progress as of 8/14/2016 , updated 7/29/17

1) Ritual - I don't know that he has one, but I've never seen this as a huge stumbling block, and hopefully he's on it. Xiao Fa, can you check?

2) Permission:

  • Bear: We have Lijuan
  • Dog: We don't have anything official. Possibly he has cut a deal with Dog for permission in Reckoning, or he'll just give it
  • Crane: We have the Talisman
  • Tiger: Nothing I know of. Talisman back with the King of the Plains of Honor.
  • Tortoise: Nothing I know of. Talisman with Autumn Rose, we think?
  • Monkey: We have the Talisman
  • Butterfly: We have the Talisman
  • Phoenix: We have a promise of the Talisman when needed, and maybe she'll just give permission
  • Serpent: We have Shuyan, but no longer have the Talisman
  • Fox: We have good relations with the Pearl, but no formal deal
  • Spider: Nothing I know of. Talisman ??? Not required if he's the target
  • Magpie: We have the Talisman

3) Kar Fai has Dragon's Talisman.

GM note: Favors that the party has are listed in Party Loot.

4) Assuming the Salon during miniruns finishes the favor from the Mayor, we think we have:

  • Bear Mountain: Favor with Lord Yu
  • Steppes: Favor with the King
  • Crane's Lake Heights: Nothing
  • Plains of Honor: Favor with the King
  • Illuminated Precincts: Favor with the King. We have a tag from the 7/31/17 mini-run (Dragon Boat races)
  • Forest of Chin: Favor with the Warlord
  • Butterfly Meadows: Favor with the King
  • Shrouded Isle: Wasn't on Chochiro's list, so we think it must be checked off? Kuan-Xi, do you know how?
  • Strand: No idea. Maybe Chochiro got this while we were doing her list, maybe not.
  • Taiga: Favor with the King.
  • Dragon's Throne: Favor with the Mayor
  • Arcade: Also checked off on Chochiro's list, do we know how we got this?

5) Great Tag: We have this through renaming Dragon's Throne.

6) Power over the Target: Nothing for Spider. We've got a lot of Talismans, though...

7) Great Change in the World: I got nothing. This is likely another ritual? Or possibly a deal with one of the big elemental spirits? Doing two major rituals at once would be rough.

8) A Change in the World Above: I'm assuming Dragon will take care of this himself, but if Xiao Fa can check that he's allowed to do that without being paid for it, that would be good.