Enlightened Melina

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Enlightened Melina is the fortune-teller for the Silken Wings Circus, and is well-liked by nearly all of the original circus performers.

Since the renegotiation of circus performer salaries, she is generally willing to be a shtick source.


Level 1 shticks:

  • Sense Mistake: 1/run, when I've said something I think is true but isn't, I spend a Yin and know it is false. Freq 1 Power 3
  • Inspire: (requires palm): Determine a path (possibly requiring homework) that will lead someone towards their better nature. Power 3 Freq 2
  • Memorize palm: (requires palm): You may have one palm memorized per copy of this shtick you have. Enables the use of other shticks in this tree. Power 2 Freq 3
  • Peer through the Veils: Given six true facts about the future, see a related new fact. Requires a crystal ball. Power 3 Freq 2
  • Random Act: The GMs will tell you something you did earlier this day. Power 3 Freq 2
  • Reputation: A figure of both wonder and awe (and respect within the circus). Power 3 Freq 2
  • See the Strike: 1/book, dodge with Yin. Freq 1 Power 3
  • Find Shtick Source: For a given shtick, spend a Yin to know the closest way to acquire it, and the general cost or sacrifice needed to do so. Power 6 Freq 1

Level 2 shticks:

  • Dreamwalk: Once per book, I can sleep and enter the dream world. Freq 1 Power 7
  • Visions of the Future: 1/run, I can see possible events from someone's future. Freq 2 Power 4
  • Tear Asunder the Veils of the Future: Generate a decision tree based upon current conditions related to one topic. Spend 5 HP per choice. Power 12 Freq 1
  • Detect destiny: (requires palm): Detect and name any actual Destiny someone has. Power 4 Freq 2
  • Analyze Foretelling: Interpret a true prophecy as if you had rolled Yin + Yang successes on an interpret omens roll. False prophesies MAY give unreliable results depending upon their source. Power 4 Freq 3
  • What have you forgotten?: (requires palm): Know something someone has forgotten. Power 3 Freq 4
  • Connections: See the deepest connections binding a group of people. Power 3 Freq 3

Level 3 shticks:

  • Read palm: Read the palm of a person who gives you their hand. You may tell them vague and general details about their future. Enables the use of other shticks in this tree. Power 3 Freq 5
  • Thing you should know: (requires palm): Tell a person some small factoid that they should know right now but don't. Power 5 Freq 3
  • Where should you be: (requires palm): Tell a person a place they should be either now or fairly soon. Power 5 Req 3

Level 4 shticks:

  • Find what you've lost: (requires palm): Get a hint in finding something someone has lost. Power 5 Freq 4
  • Cloud the Future: Spend 5 chi to gaze into a crystal ball and cloud the future of a single person, place or object. This shtick may only have one target at any time; Melina believes it would not be wise to buy more than one copy. Power 7 Freq 3; (frequency is fixed; it's a combination of permanent and only usable on one target.)

Level 5 shticks:

  • NPCs can Cheat: Quite useful. Power 6 Freq 5