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Ezokin is a somewhat legendary Magpie sorcerer who haunts the eastern half of the Empire, who is a collector of various sorts of magical power.

He has been seen in:

The Price of Good Fortune
Zen Sinker Tour
Coin of the Magpie
The Scheme of Zi Pon
Order and Chaos
The Party Throws a Party

Most recently, it seems you can't hurt him unless you have enough zhu to pay for the damage you do (if you're in li, it rounds up to li), and he can't be hurt by things he owns. Also, he can disarm you by paying you for your weapon when you hit him with it.

Also, he really hates Master Deng.

Xiao Fa discovered in puttering after The Party Throws a Party that Ezokin is very old but not decrepit, that he is a eunuch, and that part of his life force is elsewhere. What he gets out of keeping his life force elsewhere is dependent on where the life force is being stored:

  • Hiding it in a protected box is traditional for being hard to kill
  • Trading it to a powerful entity is traditional for getting cool powers
  • Putting it in a familiar is traditional for using your shticks through the familiar

Other options are of course possible. (Note: In The Price of Good Fortune it is mentioned that "it'll take Ezokin months to get over the loss of his familiar, but when he does, he'll come for you." This implies that he uses the familiar method.)

Shen-Ji took another look at the actual gate in the Gate of Shen (in puttering after The Party Throws a Party) and believes that Ezokin is not keeping part of his life force in it (at least at the moment). He is storing magical energy to power his Moneymancy abilities, but this is different from his life force.