Freeing the Dragon

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On Freeing the Dragon -

The Dragon can only be freed by the Power of the Spider, or the Spider's death, the total plundering of His realm, or other unambiguous sign that His power over the Dragon is broken. Having now seen the Dragon's bonds, the Unbinder can determine if any particular plan is likely to meet these criteria.

Here are some things we've considered:

  • Plundering the Imperial Treasury: The Hidden City is arguably Spider's realm, in the way each Cycle Spirit has one kingdom. We'd need the plundering to be truly kingdom-wide, so we'd actually have to do all of these:
    • Loot the Imperial Treasury (Shen Ji has a meta-plan for this. He is calling it The Imperial Job)
    • Remove the magic nature of the Tael (Shen-Ji has a complete ritual for this, obtained at the end of Midwinter)
    • Shut down the Hidden City bribery mechanic (Cai Wen has a plan for this: Breaking the Bribery Mechanic)
  • Stealing Spider's Skin: Stealing Spider's skin, so that Aku is revealed as a Demon, would rattle his control enough to free Dragon. (As well as make it clear to all the other Great Spirits what is going on.)
  • Changing the Government: The Spider controls the government of the Empire. Changing the way government works would show the Spider's power is broken:
    • Rename the Hidden City to Dragon's Throne.
    • Move the Regency Council out of the Hidden CIty (it could move between countries each year, or to another country).
    • Win the Illumineaucracy mechanic.