General Mechanics

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Non-magical healing allows you to:

  • recover your Health in HP overnight.
  • recover x2 Health overnight if under the care of a healer
  • recover x3 Health overnight if in a sick house.
  • recover Int success*2 in HP from a single First Aid roll. (Use the largest, if several people try over the course of a day.)

Magical and other weird healing can be applied multiple times in a way that first aid cannot.

Spending Points

Spending EPs and SPs can only be done in a "training montage" - these take place during runs that you are not in. (You are not required to spend the points during the Saturday itself, but if you are in two runs back to back, you can't spend points between them.) To spend points, you have to tell the GMs; the copy of your sheet we maintain is considered the canonical one (we'll give you a copy every run).