Great Horse Race

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The party has promised Horse that they will put together a great horse race in the Savanna on the Day of the Tiger.

They have done some preliminary work on this, and have hired an administrator named Lac Vinh to spearhead the project. He has been given a budget of 13 tael to work with but is hoping to bring it in under 10 tael.

Cai Wen is arranging a gambling tournament in parallel, and has promised 4 tael in prizes. (He hopes we will make money on that.)

  • 13 successes propaganda in Gold and Silver districts of the Hidden City

Other factoids:

  • Merit handed Cai Wen 20 tael for this, which are now on deposit with the House of Judicious Increase. (At the moment we have 17-ish of those committed)
  • Aside from the gambling tournament, there will be a horse-race-betting operation, which we should be able to make money on.
  • The Myeong clan is providing some support, and they will generally be in charge of ceremonies, pomp, and prize-giving. (This should increase their prestige and the event's prestige.)