Great Talisman of the Monkey

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Party loot. During puttering assumed to be with Kasumi. If someone else wants to use it instead, talk to her. (Only one person can use it during puttering).

Physical Description

A white and black medallion. On the front, in silver on white, the cycle is carved around the perimeter. Centered is a Monkey in gold. On the reverse side, in silver on black, are the symbols for Xiangshounu: Enjoyment of the World.

Stat Doubled


Other Powers

The wearer of this talisman can not be restrained, detained, or otherwise captured or held in any way. All doors will open to allow him to escape, all bonds and grabs will fail.

Notes about it

Yanyu's research indicates that while there are always seven monkeys, they aren't always the same seven monkeys. Presumably this means that if one of the monkeys is killed it will be replaced by a different monkey, but that monkey may not have the same abilities.