Hon'eth Arcade Artistic Power

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(A ritual in the form of a play to tap the energy caused by the flow of tael around the Hon'eth Arcade and empower the arts.)

The ritual also includes the script of the play, which is omitted here for brevity.

Invoke the Tao

The Yin and the Yang are invoked by soliloquy at the beginning of the first act:

  1. Charisma roll with acting to call for darkness
  2. Yin roll with magic ritual skill
  3. Charisma roll with acting to call for light
  4. Yang roll with magic ritual skill

The power is 14, and the frequency is 2, so 28 successes are needed for each roll.

Invoke the Elements

This is a ritual of Transformation and Control, on Metal with a bit of Fire.

The first act of the play invokes in the plot:

Some Fire, Water, Wood, Earth
Destruction, Creation, and Seeking

The total acting success of the three actors invoking Water, Wood, and Earth, plus half the acting successes of the actor invoking Fire, must reach 28.

Three artists (one each for Destruction, Creation, and Seeking) must have created the sets, with total artistic successes between the three of them reaching 28.

Since there is a Fire/Metal mix being left out, the following mixes are also invoked in the first act:

  • Earth absorbs Water
  • Metal chops Wood
  • Water quenches Fire
  • Wood parts Earth

each of those being done by an appropriate action, the total successes of which must hit 28.

Invoke the Cycle

In the second act, the twelve Cycle spirits are invoked. Each of the twelve characters is written to represent a Cycle spirit through their actions (the Dog is loyal; the Serpent is quiet and keeps secrets, etc), and is dressed in appropriate colors; the exception is the Magpie, who does not behave particularly magpie-like, but is dressed in black and white.

The acting roll for the twelve actors in Act II (only half for the Magpie actor) must total 28.

The statue designed to receive the tokens at the end of Act II has had 28 successes of sculpting put into it, but that was cumulative, with no single roll below 2 successes.

The actors each make a flourish and put their token into the statue, for 28 successes of acting, total.

The Yin energy must be soaked by a willing participant, sacrificing 14 points of status. (Going below negative what you started at may cause particular trouble).

The Yang energy will be channelled through the Control/Transform Metal/Fire, and cause Tao added as fortune to a roll creating art, to be replenished (1/run), throughout the Hon'eth Arcade.