Honor Rules

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Initial getting of honor points.

Charisma + Oratory from one of the Boasting Places (1/2 for a private boast, which can use Persuasion/Conversation)

  • up to +3 for Truly Honorable (in defense of others, at some personal cost, etc)
  • up to +3 for Epic and Cool (vast outnumberedness, cleverness, riskiness)


This is how to get more honor points than your starting amount. There are Controversial Statements in the hat, each with an importance number. (you can spend <importance> honor to add one).

You and someone else draw a statement from the hat, and argue about it. (Plusses for convincing arguments). Each person spends an honor; the winner gains honor=importance.

High-importance statements may occur more than once.

Someone nearby an argument can leap into it (by also spending an honor) - they only get half honor=importance if they win.

The Opinion of the Party will generally reflect the decisions as made.

Using Honor: Honor parties are negative-trending, not like the Taiga parties where everyone keeps going up.

Asking for honor boons

You spend N honor to ask for a favor. They can spend 1 honor to turn you down, or they can do the favor and they get the honor for it.

Insult / Duel

You spend N honor to insult someone. They can agree (lose 2N honor) or duel over it.

The dueling terms and weapons are chosen by the insulted party. It is very rare for the terms of the duel to be beyond first blood, but it happens.

(You may ask for an honor boon for someone to fight in your stead, but if you are the insulting party you may only do that if your target has done that first. If you want someone to fight for you in an honor duel you instigate, get them to do the initial challenge.)

If you lose the honor duel, then you are defeated on this topic, but the amount of defeat is based on the amount of honor initially spent. 1 honor is "people tease you for the next week". 20 honor is Defeated.