House Zhen

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House Zhen is a noble house of BAD GUYS in the Forest of Chin. A few years ago, they complained to High Warlord Ze about the behavior of the heir to House Sung and were granted the holdings of House Sung as a reward. These holdings included Lijuan, who had been raised as a servant of the house, and Ho.

More recently, House Zhen led the troops of the Forest of Chin in their attack on the Savanna of Tears. Had the party not thwarted their plan to kidnap and hold hostage a group of Savanna children in Travelling with the Butterfly Prince: Conclusion, the clans of the Savanna would have risen up and slain every member of the house in brutal retaliation, further destabilizing the Empire.

According to An Ming, the High Warlord favors House Zhen, and is strongly supported by it.