House of Night's Promise

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A ninja house in the City of Spires which Kasumi has managed to acquire training from.

Yanyu (?) hired them to steal the Magpie talisman from Ezokin, which they did, and then were nearly destroyed by the thwackback. The party sort of kind of patched them up.


Level 1 shticks:

  • Swift Climb: 1/run, climb an unclimbable surface. Freq 2, Power 3. . Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Frighten: 1/scene, I may spend a Chi to add my successes in a very recent Charisma roll to my Accuracy dice for my next strike. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Nightstalker: 1/scene, spend a Chi to ignore a full night's worth of no sleep with no penalty. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Grievous Insult: 1/scene in social-type combat, you may insult someone into silence. Like "got your nose", you roll Charisma for 9s, and may spend a Yang to make them lose their next square-root (successes) actions. May be dodged with Grace. Freq 2, Power 3.
  • Overhear: 1/run, overhear some useful news. Freq 2, Power 3.

Level 2 shticks:

  • Vanish: Once per run, I may vanish in a puff of dark smoke. Once I have done so, I can't come back. Costs a Yin. Freq 1, Power 9.
  • Non-Lethal Defeat: 1/turn, if I take someone down in combat, I may choose to defeat them mentally/emotionally instead of physically. Freq 4, Power 3.
  • Sense Weakness II: I can sense someone's social / emotional weaknesses to play upon. Freq 4, Power 3.
  • Nerve Strike: 1/turn, by making a carefully placed attack (roll for 9s), target loses sqrt(successes) actions. Freq 4, Power 3.

Level 3 shticks:

  • Stealthy: +5 dice to Stealth. . Freq 5, Power 3.
  • Backstab: Once per turn I can double my dice to attack someone who is not aware of me. Costs a Yang. Freq 3, Power 5.
  • Darkvision: See in the dark. Freq 6, Power 3.

Level 4 shticks:

  • Sense Weakness: x4 damage with katana. Freq 6, Power 4.
  • Deathstrike: 1/combat, no resistance applies to my attack. Freq 3, Power 7.

Level 5 shticks:

  • Evasive: Extra dodge pool. Freq 5, Power 5.