House of Quiet Concordance

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A house of Feng Shui artisans, led by Master Tranh. It's an up-and-coming House, in which Xiao Fa is highly placed. It has a Thousand-Li Horse, which helped boost it into the ranks of Major Houses.

House Members

  • Master Tranh
  • Xiao Fa
  • Ichijo Tomiko, journeyman. She's smart, and she puts her trust in the recommendations from books rather than her own instincts, but she has read all the books. She prefers designing towards an intent (the garden should be refreshing, or invigorating, or good for meditation), rather than beauty for its own sake, and takes particular care with how things smell.
  • Ban Ke-huy, journeyman. His particular interest is "real places for real people", which he most notably thinks that zen rock gardens are not.
  • Gi-Su, a natural geomancer
  • Chow Lili, second year apprentice, constructed giant puppets for the Spring festival
  • Jiri, apprentice, needs to get better at forethought.
  • Kimiko, apprentice, is good at planning but less good at improvisation.
  • Chio Yi-xuan, apprentice, did (extra-complicated) sky lanterns for the Spring festival. His imagination and ambition slightly exceed his grasp, but how else would he learn?