Pagoda with No Ice

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The party first learned of the Ice Pagoda in the Southern Strand in Fire and Ice. It iswas encased in a large block of ice which grew to absorb any nearby flames and which could only be thawed by seawater. Shen Wei Han could move through the ice, albeit slowly.

It is not easy to break, but if one can chip the ice with a piece of star-metal, the resulting ice chips have the same properties as the original block. (All such ice chips are now gone).

It is said that the pagoda is the home of the Daughter of the Sun, who was engaged to marry the Son of the Moon, and that this is how it came to be encased in ice. The confounding Xian may know more about this, as he has admitted that the pagoda is the home of his order, the Gentle Admonishers of Disquiet.

The pagoda was freed from ice during the Battle for the Ice Pagoda.