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Characters get one karma point per run (at the end, with their EPs), which can be saved.

Karma can be used to:


1 point

  • Replenish a shtick of frequency once-a-run or greater
  • Replenish one Tao substat of fortune
  • Replenish one substat of stats "spent" due to a shtick, up to full.
  • Resolve a small random situation in your favor
  • +1 speed
  • Roll own poor roll over
  • Allow you to more than double your stat for a single roll
  • Allow you to bring a difficulty below 5
  • After rolling speed but before the turn starts, you may re-roll one die until it comes up as a number that you're not already moving in
  • Add one success to a roll for 7s
  • Add one difficulty to the above rule, i.e., spend a karma to spend one karma/success for 8s, or two for 9s, etc.

2 points

  • Roll your own catastrophic roll over (i.e. a fumble or awryage, if you have those)
  • Move a later action to now, or take your current action out of stat. (Yes, this is what burning a future action also does; this is not worth it unless you're out of actions)
  • After rolling speed but before the turn starts, you may pick up one die and put it down as some other number. Yes, you can create a Yahtzee with this

3 points

  • 3 Replenish a shtick of frequency "once a book"

3+ points

"Wow. You try to do what?" (This only works for things in your concept.)

  • 3 is Quite Unlikely
  • 5 is Seriously Implausible
  • 7+ is Wildly Impossible