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If a trip to the Butterfly Kingdom is convenient this puttering I would like to try to eavesdrop on the prince in the traditional "talking to himself place".

Sure, you can overhear the Prince.
At first, he sounds concerned - there's someone in town that he would be happier if he was not in town. Especially since apparently he (the Prince) has obviously and flagrantly acted against him (the guy in town). Which he hasn't, but it's not like he can admit that he's not in control of his people.
Then, he shifts into sounding angry, and the pretense that he's just talking to himself with no relation to anyone around him slips a bit.
"Someone has framed me, such that I appear to have taken direct hostile action against one of my allies. I can... understand why someone might have done this. It exacerbates tension. It increases factionalism, mine against his. All things that someone else might be interested in."
(Then, into outright bitterness)
"Well done, mysterious someone, well done. It is a move worthy of my allies."