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Kong Qiu runs a school in the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival. Master Kong's school has both temporary students and long-term students and scholars in residence.

Those seeking temporary student status can pay in money, or in shticks of interest to Master Kong or one of the scholars-in-residence, or in Great and Interesting Knowledge.

Master Kong and his school are able to provide a number of shticks of interest to scholars. The shticks below are examples, rather than an exhaustive list. Scholars at his school may also be interested in various research projects, if asked, although they do not tend to research 'weird shit'.

Level 2 Shticks

  • Loremaster: 1/run, -2 to an Int roll. Freq 2, Power 8. (7 li)

Master Kong was able to tweak the shtick name from Loremaster to Had A Cover As... for an additional 3 li.

He is also able to change this to "Eclectic Reader" to be in concept for a Butterfly.

Level ? Shticks

  • Scholar: Allows you to buy a five-point "Scholar" skill which can be added to Knowledge Rolls for KS's you already have. The skill can only be used at the frequency the shtick is bought at. Power 3. (10 Li)

He was able to tweak this to "Insightful Understanding" and an "Insight" skill to be in concept for a Butterfly, for an additional 5 Li.

  • Eidetic Memory: This comes in various power levels [It is not totally clear to Charles how frequency interacts with these]:
    • Power 2 is "Read a book and remember it perfectly"
    • Power 4 is resistance to forgetting things [NB: That's the power level that is normally "half-effect" - what that means for forgetting is unclear to Charles]
    • Power 7 is immunity to forgetting things
    • Power 4 is -2 difficulty to remembering-things rolls

(Li costs unknown)

  • Intuition: Here are five true facts, and a related question. I can deduce where to investigate for the answer to the question. (power 2) (?? Li)