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Suzuki Kuan-Xi first joined the party as an NPC, because she had a mission to make Anto famous.

She's a member of the Song of the Phoenix, and she's the triad member from the House of Melody. (Song Min Feng is the triad member from the House of Silence and Yanyu is the triad member from the House of Harmony.) In addition, she is a princess of the Shrouded Isle, by virtue of being the daughter of the Lord and Lady of one of the three Great Houses of the Isle.

She also has a fabulous little carriage.

After Kuan-Xi was kidnapped by the Whale Spirit Yanyu learned a shtick for locating the other members of the triad and had regularly been reporting on Kuan-Xi's whereabouts to the party. Check out Where in the World is Suzuki Kuan-Xi.

After being taken to task for not being serious by her revered ancestor Ho Tan Mi, the Prince of the Golden Palace, Kuan-Xi decided to become a PC. She took up water sorcery, studying with Shen Gao in the Dragon's Throne.

A Grand Ritual was done on Kuan-Xi by Autumn Rose after Kuan-Xi dealt the killing blow to her father, the Cartogramancer. This severed her from her Suzuki family.

So now she is Ho Kuan Xi, Clad in Glory, Receiver of Petitions of the Golden Palace, Binder of the Unbinder, Princess of the Northern Waters, the Mystery Shopper.

A couple of reference pages:

Shen-Ji's Guide to Sorcerous Power
Deals with Horse, Or Making an Awesome Carriage More Awesome
Shopping Guide
Water Gates
The Yamato
Kuan-Xi's Guide to Sorcerers
Non-Empire Locations

Schtick Ideas

Grounding Rod P6F6 - have source
Reputation - mastery schtick - specifically what for?
Sea Water - like creating ultra pure water, but sea water, or changing an attack from water attack into sea water attack?
Knowledge of the Northern Seas - know where something is in the Northern Seas, including finding a boat in the ocean
I'm on a Boat - fortuitous arrival for boat. If it can plausibly be there it is?
Other Boat Buffing powers - defenses, offense, etc.
Tactical Gate Power - temporary gates for moving groups of people
Freeze - got your nose or grab kind of power
Potion related schticks - identify
Breathe Water - not urgent, I have a ring
Water Shield - defenses against physical attacks? Defenses against mystical ones? (Chi Barrier type of thing?)
Storm Mastery Ideas - One big "storm mastery" schtick or several smaller ones?
Eye of the Storm/Heart of the Storm - hole in the middle
Control where a storm moves - i.e. send it North instead of against the Isle
Change adjectives - anti-Phoenix to anti-North, anti-sorcery to anti-necromancy, etc. (Also the ability to know what the adjectives ARE.)
Movement Effects -
Swamp Boats - don't you blockade my island! (Can maybe learn from Aoki Tadako)
Attack - Hey storm, get em!
Affect Boat Speed - can have the boat run before the storm (I already have a boat movement schtick, though)
Cheat in Storm Mechanics (Sort of like Cheat in Minigames)
More Boat/Sea Ideas (some of these sound like items rather than schticks)
Identify Vessel
Detect Weather/Predict Wind
Read Depths/Detect Shallows
Location Marker
Clean Hull
Remove Water
Clear Fog
Locate Land
Fill Sails
Calm Seas
Home Port
Outboard Motor

To Do

Research water
Hunt for Schtick Sources
Deal with the Storm
"What should Kuan Xi do if she wants to save Phoenix from the storm?"
"Summon her ships, send forth her storms, and demand and develop the powers that are rightfully hers."
Finish Tweaking Ritual