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A Southern God, both of Wealth and the North, and by overlap, Trade. (To a Southerner, "the North" is the Empire). As God of Wealth, he has the head of an elephant. As God of the North, he apparently does not. He has been known to visit the Empire, but he is most often encountered in his temple in Gateway to Riches. He negotiated the return of soldiers that had been trapped south of the Wall in Expatriatism, though he was not introduced by name. In Kali's Prisoner Kubera negotiates the exchange of Iala Mane for the new Mola Ram.

During Remembering Mondo Merit talks to Kubera about Mondo and opening up trade again.

"Chochiro says that she traveled around a little in the South, and then made a bad deal with Kubera who is apparently a spirit ("They call them gods.") of Wealth and the North down there. But, now she owes him a fair bit of money, which he just collects from her and anyone she touches; she thinks the technical term for this is "cursed"." -Phoenix Hearth

Also mentioned as "knowing a lot of things" in Tripartite. In addition the "Southern money god" is mentioned in A River Befouled.