Li Kao

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A mystic, sage, and wizard, Li Kao lived inside his spire in the City of Spires for over two hundred years before he disappeared on the Day of the Grasping Spider. We believe he was kidnapped by the Spider. The only piece of physical evidence found by Cai Wen when he visited with Master Zhou was a little glob of sticky material (spider web goo?) underneath the lip of his desk.

Known as The Permanent Reverence, Li Kao was renowned for being able to take facts and construct theories and understanding from them.

His servants are keeping up the pretense that he is missing; we only discovered he was gone because he told his servants to seek out "the people who put the elephant on the Spire", as the ones likely to know what had happened to him.

The party has a set of his meditation beads, which might be useful for finding him some day.

Among his many research projects was one with a map showing many Imperial Highways marked in various colors. It appears to show both current and past versions of several highways. This project had been in progress for about four years when Li Kao disappeared. Min Feng has made a copy of this map.

He has since been rescued from the Hidden City by River Ford and the Crew, and has returned to his tower, claiming that he will not be taken by surprise again.