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Tara Lin, Yoshi's mother. A daughter of Toranata Tokai, who made sure Yoshi learned from Shien while Kinren was off privateering. Makes a delicious codfish tempura.

(She is not officially a shtick source, but this is her shtick tree)

Mistress of the Painted Fan - A Serpent/Courtier tree (repainted at level 5 with a personal style)


Level 1 shticks:

  • Another Fan: If remotely reasonable, you always have another fan on you somewhere. Frequency 6, power 1
  • Beautiful Fan: As you fan yourself with this, someone's eye is caught. +5 Charisma for Seduction, 1/run
  • Close the Fan: Fold up your fan and surrender it to your enemy. They will take you prisoner instead of killing you. Power 6, 1/book.
  • Fluttering Fan: The fluttering of your fan distracts the person you're talking to from their point. +5 "defensive" grace, 1/run.
  • Reputation: 1/run.

Level 2 shticks

  • Drop the Fan: When confronted with physical violence, you are so appalled that you drop a fan. Unless completely unreasonable, someone chivalrous will hear the noise and come to your rescue. Power 6, 1/run.
  • Inviting Fan: Lowering your fan slightly, you convey how interesting the person you are listening to is, and they go on longer than they had planned. =Good Listener 1/turn.
  • Popular Fan: Using a style of fan that is popular around town at the moment confuses someone as to your identity. 1/run you get a message or other delivery that was intended for someone else. Power 6, 1/run.
  • Uninteresting Fan: People often fail to notice you're there when you are using this fan, and talk when they shouldn't. = Overhear 1/turn

Level 3 shticks

  • Behind the Fan: Hold your fan covering your face, and spend 1 Grace. For the rest of the scene, no one will be able to tell who you are. Anonymity, not impersonation or invisibility. Power 7, 1/scene
  • Shocked Fan: If you are about to give away information you don't want to (to things like "Good Listener" or "Forced Gloat", or just to a lost conversation roll), toss your fan open in shock that they would dare to ask you such a thing, and spend a status to avoid talking. Power 7, 1/scene
  • Words on the Wind: Wave your fan slowly in front of your face, and speak a rumor you want to spread or squash. Costs 1 Charisma. Power 8, 1/scene.

Level 4 shticks

  • Heartfelt Fan: With the gift of a fan, you touch someone's heart. Turn one enemy minion into a Moll for the rest of the scene. 1/run, power 10.
  • Party Fan: With a wave of your fan, everyone tries to make things work out for you. Cheat at party mechanics, Power 6, frequency 4.

Level 5 shticks

  • Evaluate the Competition: Know Social Stats and Best Social Shtick for anyone you can see, always on. Power 5, frequency 6