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A Magpie Gambler who lives in the Harbor of Fortunate Arrival.

Level 1 shticks

  • Secret Pocket: 1/run, spend a Yin to hide one small item on your person. Will evade all searches but a full strip search. Freq 1, Power 2.
  • I've Got One Of Those: 1/Run, can spend a Yang produce a small non-valuable item on demand. Freq 1, Power 3.
  • No Luck: 1/run, can spend a Chi to declare to an opponent "No adding Yin/Yang/Chi to your next roll". Freq 1, Power 3.
  • Mollify: 1/run, can spend a Yang to declare a non-enemy your moll. Freq 1, Power 4.
  • House Rules: 1/run, can spend a Yang to cheat non-epically in minigame and hat mechanics. Freq 1, Power 5.

Possibly higher-level shticks

  • Know When To Walk Away: can get a short-answer to a question about resources yet to be revealed in a mechanic. Freq ??, Power 5
  • All In The Details: if I am using a narrower skill than my opponent, and limit myself to the same amount of broader skill as my narrower skill, I can roll for -2 difficulty. Freq ??, Power 6
  • Ahead Of The Game: I get a surprise round in information/social mechanics. Freq ??, Power 4
  • Take My Marbles Home: I can extract/save resources from a mechanic, which would normally evaporate when this instance of the mechanic ends. Freq ??, Power 5