Miyora Otaru

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(he has been "Milora" in some places but we are standardizing on "Miyora")

An Old Buddy Told Li Merit

Miyora Otaru was born on the Day of the Early Fox in the Month of the Crane in the eighth Year of the Fox since the Third Treaty of Houses, in the south Arcade.

A second son in a small fishing-based House, he served in the Arcade levies as a young man, and joined the Dragon Army after that. He was in the River Fleet initially, but about ten years ago when there was particularly bad trouble with pirates, the Dragon Army ramped up the ocean-going navy, still technically a branch of the River Fleet command. He's bounced back and forth between River and Sea, but he distinguished himself more at sea, including one very dramatic sea battle against a kraken.

He's reasonably charismatic and loyal, in one version; in the other version, he's a political brown-noser. The difference mostly depends on whether or not one is aligned with the structure he's following. He doesn't take bribes (as far as is known), but he also doesn't ask too many questions about orders that might be questionable. There was one incident he was involved in, where a number of river pirates were hung, where some said they weren't river pirates, they were private soldiers protecting legitimate river traffic. Reading between the lines, they were probably mercenaries who might have been starting to toy with asking for protection money, but hadn't strayed all the way into piracy yet.

He was one of four reasonable choices for Sea Lord; he wasn't the best choice for large-scale naval tactics, but is probably the one most likely to have enforced a questionable blockade without too much long-term argument.