Monkey Cart

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Shiny guards a small cart full of interesting items. The following items have been taken from the cart so far:

A small crystal, dull white during the day, glowing as bright as a star at night.
Returned to the lighthouse
An ironwood wand, thickly carved with sigils and runes, with a grey crystal at the end.
Returned to owner as it is apparently not actually a magic item.
A tael.
Spent on pork buns.
A vial of what could be blood, marked in golden paint with a 12.
Xian tasted a bit, and got a vision of an older man in robes (later determined to be the King of the Hon'eth Arcade) and a monk. A later conversation with the king indicates that he sent the monk on a mission, but it failed when the item he procured was stolen. Xian mocked the king a bit for that.
Severed Head
A severed head, not all that recent.
The party thinks this had to do with an imposter in the Trade Master's House
A fragile-looking glass bubble, with a dark twist of smoke inside.
The demon of hunger inside has been freed and convinced to hang out at a restaurant
A gold man's wedding ring.
Given to Liet. This triggered a house battle.
Obsidion Key
Put back in the cart. Later taken from the cart and given to an usher in the Jade Palace shortly before he was arrested.
A ticket, wrapped in perfumed red paper: Admit one to the "Lovers' Catalyst", Nights of the Crane, Butterfly, and Fox.
Given to Yanyu
This seems to be an amulet, but it's completely invisible.
Given to Pir Pir
This letter begs forgiveness for what was a dreadfully insulting miscommunication. Full retraction is offered, and hopefully, with the acceptance of this letter, inter-house war can be avoided. If there is anything else that can be done...
Copied and delivered twice to the House of Gainful Protection, protecting one third of the House of Continuous Sustenance from war.
A pair of bracers, carved with perfect workmanship, with an air of vast antiquity and weight.
These apparently belong to the Tortoise when he walks in the Material World. Master Zhou put them on, and he became free of all concerns other than the pursuit of knowledge, and invulnerable. Probably not meant for mortals.
An unsigned original painting by Zi Kone
Xian has been playing with this one.