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Hey, Lu Sin Da!

Cai Wen says we should have a Pai Gow game for morale. And pork buns! Can you do that?

She bows.
"Do you prefer to win morale and lose pork buns, or the other?"

Win pork buns! But no losing morale. That's bad.

If you get to make choices like that, maybe you can make them lose being afraid of ghosts?

Also, if the folks from Gainful Protection show up, they get first choice of the pork buns before you use them as gambling stakes. Those guys are hungry.

If you run out of pork buns, let me know. Kawaii and I can get you some fish.

Cai Wen looks a little dubious at Lijuan and Lu Sin Da.

"I think you want to give away pork buns, and raise morale, don't you?"


Or eat pork buns!

Definitely raise morale.

"Allow the servants to win both morale and pork buns, but then *you* eat the pork buns."
Lucinda looks thoughtful, then nods decisively.
"Very well."

Cai Wen looks thoughtful, and then raises a hand with one finger, as if to debate the mission statement, and then shrugs. "Watch closely, Lijuan. There will probably be an Emperor Lesson in all of this."


What? Wait!

Lu Sin Da, I was thinking that the servants would eat the pork buns they win. How else are you going to raise morale?

"Of course, my lady."
She bows and seems unwilling to add more words to the confusion.

Very well then. Lu Sin Da will do what she will do, and we will all be wiser for the result.

After a couple of days of Lu Sin Da rushing around making arrangements, there is small festival where people from the nearby villages are invited to a large outdoor bazaar. There are numerous games of chance as well as booths of food. Participation in games or acquiring food from booth is moderated by small red tokens called Ti-Kets. Acquisition of Ti-Kets is accomplished by saying small prayers at little temporary ghost shrines and wishing them well. Even little prayers of wishing ghosts well get you a handful of Ti-Kets.
If you are not interested in food, or already full, Ti-Kets may be turned in at the end for a variety of small carvings, and other handicrafts.
At the end of the festival, there is a marked improvement of local morale, people are much happier about the ghosts all over the place, (although they still appear to be rolling for 8s).
Lu Sin Da tells you that the entire affair cost three tael, which she took from the house treasury, and she has placed the great chest of Ti-Kets into your treasure room for future use.