Namura Hayato

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Author of what is, by eyewitness accounts, the worst opera yet written. This work was presented in The Price of Good Fortune, much to the sorrow of all who were in the audience. Those who were not present in the theater, but heard parts of it from outside, or merely read the script at one point or another, tend to think the opera was pretty good.

Those slightly more in the know understand that he sacrificed his Status (the stat) in a ritual to spluftify the arts in the Hon'eth Arcade. Hsu Verity built the ritual, and for a time looked after the friendless Hayato.

Later, he got slightly patched up, and (perhaps as a result) does not seem to be able to speak except in haiku (which may sometimes be prophetic?). Last seen in the New Rivers area being very somber, annoying Taiga soldiers with poetry. Xian identified him but didn't bother to tell anyone, because seriously, who cares about such a no-talent failure?

After the events of The King in Yellow, Li Merit hired him as the official playwright of the House of Exuberant Interference.