Order of the White Lotus

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Secret organization with the good of the Empire as a goal.

It's rather disorganized, more of a secret society than a directed organization. Opinions vary as to what the "good of the Empire" means.

Li Merit does not share membership information, but I think it's known in the party that Cai Wen and Deng are members.

This list is for GM and Andrew convenience.

Known Members

  • Li Merit
  • Zhu Cai Wen
  • Deng Zhi-Hao
  • the cabbage guy, master of the House of Continuing Sustenance
  • Artemisia of the Green Needle (Circus)
  • Lei Yow, hawker/crier (Circus)
  • Lim An, an animal trainer (Circus)
  • M
  • Bai-Jiao, a sorceror
  • Xu Fan, Ezokin's ex-factor

Likely Members

  • Master Tenzin (deceased)
  • Miyamoto Musashi