Zhao Feiyan

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The Pearl Of The Taiga, renowned for her wit and beauty. Married to the Master of Horse of the Taiga, Zhao Wu. She has the Great Talisman of the Fox.

Cai Wen has begun negotiations with her to borrow the Talisman in the future. (It will take some doing.)

She is the third and youngest of the daughters of her family, and has one elder brother and one younger brother. Her family has generally prospered from her increased status after her marriage, though not to an extent that they are resented by their peers.

Madame Qin did a horoscope for Zhao Feiyan and her husband:

First, their horoscopes fit together very well over the course of time. Sometimes they're lovers, sometimes allies, sometimes something like rivals, but each of them is always part of the pair, whatever the pair is. Second, their overall path is strongly tied to the path of the country; this is something that has been increasing over time, and continues to increase in most of their potential futures. If the country prospers, they will prosper even more. If the country succumbs to problems, they will crash and burn badly.

For both of them, the subject of children is complicated, and it's one of the few places where they don't totally match. There are potential futures where there are children, and there are other potential futures where there are not, but it's not as simple as infertility, you're pretty sure.

For both of them, you think there's a desire for children, but that it's countered by other complexities. For him, it works out a little bit more simply - one way to have children would be to take a second wife, but in most of the potential futures in which he does so, it's disruptive to the pair balance the two of them have. You suspect he suspects this. For her, there's a big tangle that is hard to parse out - about the only thing you tease out is that she wants daughters but does not want daughters, and you're not sure what to make of that.

You don't think there's anything that falls out of the the horoscope as a great burning desire for either of them - there's ambition there, the desire to achieve more than they currently have / are doing, the desire to not fail in various different ways...