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Takanata first looks at the rain with Eyes of the I-Ching and determines that it is mostly physical, but there is definitely a spiritual component to it (what spiritual means isn’t quite clear in this context). He gets a choice to analyze it in the context of either Southern Gods or Northern Magic and chooses Northern Magic, determining that there is a deliberate, but second order effect of the storm that suppresses Northern Magic. Shen-Ji is prompted to think about Southern things associated with the wind and comes up with southern demons, such as djinn/genies, as a possibility.

Then, Kuan-Xi, using her run on water schtick, and Shen-Ji, using his flying disk (rolling for 9’s for extra stability), go up together into the rain above Tahiti to see if they can determine anything from a higher vantage point. As they rose up, they discovered several things:

  • There is another zone, The Sky, which is above the Arcade, (and presumably the rest of the Material World as well) and not part of it. The higher your Chi stat, the higher the Sky is for you. Trying to enter the Sky directly can be problematic.
  • Takanata later realizes that the Underdark is like the Sky, but in the other direction and that the purple worms that seemingly created these long tunnels from the North in fact use the Underdark to create their paths.
  • The relationship of the Sky to the Material Plane and other planes is part of the cosmology of the universe that we do not yet know enough about to really understand (i.e. we can’t yet buy skill points in KS: Cosmology, but might be able to learn it from the Sun/Moon, etc.)
  • Kuan-Xi then tries to fly into the main cloudbank directly above her and has a flashback to her time when she was trapped by Whale. While the cloud definitely isn’t the Ocean as it isn’t salty or such, it definitely seems to have some ocean-like qualities about it (which reinforces the idea that we think Whale is involved). Shen-Ji tries to grab her arm to steady her, but she puddle jumps several hexes away; Shen-Ji is able to find her and determines she is OK. Kuan-Xi does a Weather Forecasting roll and determines that the wind is from the northwest, but that means the source is from the northeast (in the direction of the Shrouded Isle). The two then head down to the ground.

Shen-Ji finally decides to take a risk and just immerse himself in the rain. He walks out into the rain and uses “One With the Magic” to immerse himself in the magical effect, while Takanata watches with Eyes of the I-Ching, and Kuan-Xi watches with Magical Analysis. Shen-Ji first hears Pow call from a great distance (Kuan-Xi sees Pow try to protect Shen-Ji but get swept away by the Wind) and then senses two presences guiding the effect: A strongly imperial presence associated with the water (likely Whale) and then a Southern demonic force powering the wind, confirming a Southern demon is involved.

He is then asked by the presences if he wants the power to quench Phoenix and he declines. Shen-Ji takes 10 Wetness and is knocked down. The others drag him inside, Kuan-Xi uses her schtick to dry him, which only works because she has been given a boon by the Spirits of the Double Caldera, reducing his Wetness to 5 and he gains consciousness and relays the above info.

Cai-Wen points out that the Sea Lord has been missing/incommunicado for a while, and it might be directly (or more likely, indirectly) related to the storm.

Action items

  • Kuan-Xi and Takanata will go talk to the Golden Prince in her role as Princess of the Northern Seas as the storm effect seems to be from that area.
  • The group will go try to talk to Da-Xie (the Southern Wall) to see if she knows anything about the storm/Southern demons/anti-Phoenix effect.
  • Shen-Ji will sit by the fire and sip hot tea to see if he can reduce his wetness further.
  • Yanyu should go ask her mother-in-law to teach her KS:Cosmology so that she can teach it to the rest of the party.