Pre-run Miniruns

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Preliminary runs before the party has met:

Of Cabbages and Coins - In which two monks, a mysterious stranger, and his bodyguard conduct dispute resolution, watch fireworks, and survive a deadly ninja attack.
The Shadow of the Wall - In which Teng Hanako serves tea to her soon-to-be kidnappers, Madame Cho is astonished to be visited by Tokai Takanata himself, Takanata borrows Hana's comb, Hana's twin brother Hiroki secretes a sword on his person, and everyone almost manages to prevent the bad guys from killing Hana.
Boot to the Head - In which an extremely motley assortment of people encounter a badly injured acrobat and part-time treasure hunter, hire a carriage and then abandon it halfway to their destination, and Shen-Ji gets kicked in the head repeatedly.