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"Do everything at the right time, and one day will seem like three." The run takes place late in the Month of the Dog in the Tenth Year of the Dog since the Third Treaty of Houses.

The run takes place primarily in the Forest of Chin and the Illuminated Precincts

Previous Run



Cai Wen suggests that before getting a mission from the Prince, perhaps they can investigate the ghosts at Foon Manor. Does Lijuan know anything more about them? She says that her servants left because they're scared of ghosts, but Lucinda isn't scared of them, and they seem to be the ghosts of Zhuai's and Lijuan's ancestors back to the Bear Emperor and his murderers. Master Zhou is enthusiastic about the idea of going and "killing" all the ghosts with his ghost-punching powers, but is talked back down by calmer folks.

Before hitting Foon Keep, though, they head to the Warlord's Throne.

The paths through the forest seem more foreboding than usual. At the entrance to the Warlord's Throne, they encounter a pair of guards.

"Go back you fools! We're doomed!"
"Shut up you. State your business."
"We heard you were doomed. We came to take a look."

The guard spits in disgust.

"More ghost tourists."

However, he hasn't opened the gate yet, so Takanata suggests a bit of a bribe. Cai Wen asks for a ghost briefing, offering a handful of li.

The guard explains that it all started when "Jasmine the Jade" was stabbed in the back. Rumor has it that she was a courtesan in the service of the Warlord, outside his harem and without the permission of his wives. So everyone assumes she was murdered by the First Wife. On the other hand, maybe she was blackmailing the Warlord. There's a lot of talk. Some people think that she killed herself by stabbing herself in the back several times inside a locked room, though others are more dubious. Anyways, now the Throne is haunted, and so is the entire country - everyone thinks that she laid a curse on the country with her dying breath. Xiao Fa points out that technically it is Haunted, rather than Cursed.

Once in the Throne, more rumors can be picked up about Jasmine:

  • She was a witch with the power to cloud men's minds
  • She was an emissary from a far-off kingdom
  • She was deeply in love with the Warlord's son and has returned for vengeance

By the way - have any unrightable wrongs been righted recently? For example, was the Warlord's son’s killer brought to justice? Takanata thinks he would have heard if that was the case, and nobody local seems to think that has happened.

Xiao Fa puts on the ghost choker, and sure enough, there are ghosts everywhere! Two seem to be trying to have a fistfight, but are not solid to each other. Another ghost is trying to buy bread, and is growing increasingly angry and unhappy that the bread-seller is ignoring him. Everyone in the city seems to have to roll for eights, because of the general distraction of the ghosts, even mostly unseen.

A high-status ghost comes past, and demands that Xiao Fa stand aside. Oddly, he has some sort of reflex-based status, like if Master Deng bought a shtick in being the most famous fighter in the world. Master Zhou waves his fists in a "just let me punch them!" way, but Xiao Fa does not want to get involved in the miniplots.

"It's a mystery of surpassing deception, so better just go to Lijuan's place." -Cai Wen

The party heads back out of the Warlord's Throne, and down to Foon Keep.

Zhuai says that he is working on interviewing for new servants, or convincing the old ones to come back. There are some still here, though they are a little twitchy.

"Lucinda was working on it but it wasn't healthy for the servants." -Zhuai

He also says that he has sent messengers to the other keeps in the Forest, and everyone who has responded says that they are also haunted.

Cai Wen explains what he knows about Chantou's plan during the Night of Gates. She had three goals:

  • Haunt the Warlord's Throne
  • A murder is committed, leaving a mystery of surpassing deception. That's probably the Jade Jasmine. (Zhuai heard she died trying to assassinate the Warlord.)
  • Right an unrightable wrong.

Well, that's interesting, but doesn't really explain how to solve the ghost problem.

Takanata notes that the deepest connection between Lijuan and Zhuai is that they are happily married. Hm.

A servant drops some mugs of tea, and apologizes profusely. It looks like a ghost was trying to get some tea, and rattled the servant enough that he dropped the cups.

Lijuan finishes drawing her art:


Is the smudgy grey thing in the sky the efrit? Interpret Omens suggests that that is exactly wrong.

Xiao Fa thinks that Foon Keep's ghosts are part of a haunting with a Cause - that is, there is some sort of event that has to be resolved - not just punching all the ghosts in the head. It is not clear whether the haunting has to be solved or just not screwed up while it resolves itself.

Zhuai doesn't seem to be able to see ghosts now - he admits that he borrowed one of the items from party loot, but being able to see and talk to his mother was enough that he put it back again.

Two of the ghosts are arguing that Lijuan is being served the wrong tea. If she was drinking pregnancy tea she'd be further along. The ghosts shoo Xiao Fa towards the kitchen to fix this.

Hmm. Would it be possible to make a ghost-free zone in which people could roll for sevens? Xiao Fa contemplates this, but keeps getting distracted by wondering if Lijuan is drinking the right tea, and has to roll for eights thinking about it. They could probably set up a room, but it would eventually burn out due to the pressure. It might work better if the ghost-free zone was brought in from the edge of the Forest instead. Xiao Fa mentions this to Zhuai, who says that he can arrange to have a lot of important acts in place that need to roll for sevens at a future point when Xiao Fa thinks he can do it.

Master Zhou, still a bit punchy, asks Zhuai to tell them the story of the original feud, and Zhuai snaps that he is tired of his family history being entertainment for others. Takanata shushes Master Zhou and says he'll tell them later.

Thinking about the general county effect, Master Zhou realizes that if the ghosts stay, everyone having to roll for 8s will cause the country to be good at building exceptionally skilled people. What could possibly go wrong? He starts to think that sevens are a crutch, anyway.

After they leave, Takanata gives a quick briefing on Siew v Foon: Siew Mei-Chuan was taken as a concubine by a Foon Emperor three days before her wedding to the heir of the Gyeong River clan in the Savannah, and then she was strangled six months afterwards. Later, the Emperor was poisoned with the Terrible Oil of Wasting Death, but in the month before he died, he smashed House Siew pretty badly.

A New Plot, or Three

The two missing rolls so far this week are 5 and 12. Takanata and Cai Wen both have some minigame cheat shticks, so they decide to stack them: Cai Wen will use his three shticks and precommit karma to move the result towards either 5 or 12, while Takanata will use his shtick to roll 2d12, and then pick one die to use.

When they arrive at the No Longer Secret Benevolent Headquarters, the Prince and Lady Jin are splitting lunch. Lady Jin is surprised to see the group, but the Prince says he told her they would show.

Takanata asks for a mission, and rolls 2d12, getting a 10 and a 3. Xiao Fa makes puppy dog eyes at the 5, but the 12 is easier to get to, so Takanata picks 10 and Cai Wen makes it a 12.

The Prince prophecies a jumble of words (not unlike the last time there were three prophecies at once):

Council’s Favor! Gather Proxies! Secure Spy! Unmask the the the

This might be something like "Unmask the Spy! Gather the Proxies! Secure the Favor!", but it isn't clear where the "council's" should go.

The party adjourns to the map room and searches for councils. Interpret Omens suggests that "Council's" could actually go in front of any of them, but it didn't, because it didn't want to give the impression that they were the same council. "Favor" is almost certainly the Regency Council. There's also the Council for the Revered Sages, and the Daizhou Northern Council, and... well, really, there's a lot of Councils in the world. A couple of Sages could control the Sages' Council for a particular vote, if they had the right proxies.

People guess that the Tanzhe is the unifying theme, for Plot 12, but the verbs might be muddled. Everyone is pretty sure you have to "unmask" the spy.

As a first guess, the group checks

"Unmask the [Dai-zhou?] Council's Spy, Secure the [Sage's?] Council's Proxies, Gather the [Regency?] Council's Favor."

That's not the right order of messages, and Daizhou is so so wrong. The other two councils are right, however. The most promising next guess for a council is the Obsidian Warlord's War Council. Which probably has spies everywhere spying on the Tanzhe!

The map room doesn't have a lot of maps of the Tanzhe plain, though - it's way behind the lines.

Master Zhou points out that Shen Dai Han has ghosts everywhere, so the Warlord might not need as many spies. Well, maybe it is not a gather-information spy, but a do-something agent? Lady Jin reminds them it's the War Council's spy, not the Warlord's spy. There's a lot of people in the War Council - wouldn't it be nice to be a fly on the wall in that room? Or have a spy?

{[QQ|Right, I just thought of this myself with no prompting, what if the spy is in the War Council, not from the War Council.|Cai Wen}}

Lady Jin pats his hand. Then, she asks if she might offer to take one of the three plots? Hmm, that might be helpful. Does she have a preference? She does, but she thinks that expressing it would send the wrong message. Of course, "I prefer not to say" cannot be left to stand, for the party, so they clamor for her preference. Well, then: she would prefer to unmask the spy on the war council, because it involves more ghosts. Ah, does she have an affinity for ghosts? No, exactly not - she has an antipathy to ghosts. Why? She thinks they are a scourge. Also, she rather suspected that the party would not prefer to end the run with her hands full of regency/proxy powers. Takanata says he was willing to let her if she asked, but she says at the present, she would rather smack ghosts. Master Zhou isn't sure she is up to the task of fighting ghosts, but Takanata is more confident with her abilities. Master Zhou, still punchy, ponders getting Yanyu to hook her up with Wei Han. (In fact, Takanata suspects that “killing” undead will charge up the Fingernails of a Hundred Deaths.)

Well, since they have pestered Lady Jin's preference out of her, it seems churlish to not have her choice, so off she heads, while the party heads to the Dragon's Throne to Gather the Regency Council's Favor.

Dragon's Throne

As usual, the Gate Town guards want to know their business. Takanata says that he is there to meet with his bureaucrat, and will be staying at a posh hotel in Gold. (Fen-Xi has been promoted enough that he and his wife are living in Silver now).

When they reach the Golden Sceptre, the concierge asks if Takanata needs any messages sent or invitations procured, so he sends a message to Autumn Rose inviting her to dinner to be prepared by the Jade Chefs, some time next week.

Cai Wen sends a note to Koiso, the Butterfly Regent's secretary, saying that he is in town and hoping to have dinner. He presents her with her artifact gift: a device with a rotating set of cards. She is very impressed. Anyway, Cai Wen thinks there's probably some business coming before the Council that could affect his House's interest in the Tanzhe. She frowns - she doesn't know of anything relating to the Tanzhe on the schedule. In particular, the Arcade Regent hasn't been raising any business other than the war with the North.

Cai Wen explains to Koiso that they need to gather the Regency Council's favor - is there a quick way to do that? She thinks that will be hard, especially right now, since all the free-floating favors have been bought up by the Precincts regent.

Disheartened, the party gathers again. Is it too late to actually do this plot? Probably not. The prophecies are generated by the Great Spirits in the moment that they are uttered, so they would not refer to tasks which are no longer possible to do. However, that doesn't mean that accomplishing the task isn't going to be super hard, or resource-intensive, or needs more of a run than is currently allotted to it. For example, if they had rolled a 12 earlier, possibly the party would have been in competition with the Precincts Regent for the free-floating favors, but now the task is to generate new reasons for favors.

Cai Wen checks the score:

Precincts: 11+7 Zhu Cai Wen: 3+1

Hmm, that is pretty far behind. Still, there are people who can be talked to to see if there is any progress to be made. For example, Precious Jade, the Magpie Regent, and Fen-Xi.

Fen-Xi comes first, so the group heads to the Silver District.

As a first order of business, Takanata gets keys to Brass, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, filling out his collection, and the party gets 48 gold passes to go along with the key. Then, Cai Wen explains about the favors. Fen-Xi says that he can find out what favors the Lord Vice Mayor owes to people - that's in inventory. The idea of getting information like this via the bureaucracy seems to open other interesting channels - for example, can he requisition historical files on past Dragon Army soldiers? He thinks that should be fairly simple as well. Master Zhou points out that Shen Dai Han is currently (again) the head of Dragon Army intelligence. Fen-Xi admits that that might make it harder - getting the files of the head of Intelligence probably has some bureaucratic guards on it. Then, Master Zhou realizes: if Shen Dai Han is a ghost, they should be requesting his records from the World After, not the Imperial Archives. Should they kill a bureaucrat to arrange that? Fen-Xi is really not fond of the idea, though possibly with a serpent ring it would be more feasible. Perhaps that can wait until they talk to Shuyan.

The Black Pearl serves tea, including a separate pot of pregnancy tea for Lijuan. One of Fen-Xi's messengers returns, bearing the information that the Vice Mayor owes two vote-level favors to the Regent from the Precincts.

Next, it is off to see the Arcade Regent. Xiao Fe demonstrates his ability to jump the queue, and Koiso writes down his name in her rolodex.

Cai Wen explains: they have arrived late in a game in which the Regency Council is involved, and omens indicate that they have to gather the Regency Council's favor, in order to get control of the Tanzhe against a play by the Precincts Regent. The regent frowns - he does owe a favor to the Precincts regent (acquired by one of the Sages, but the Precincts regent has it now). But you can't call in a favor for actual treason - unless it's something more plausible as a pretext that he wouldn't be able to turn down without seeming petty and churlish. But how would "give us the Tanzhe" be plausible?

Basically, in order to beat the Precincts Regent at this game, they need to come up with more favors than he has, on six (well, to be safe, seven) regents. They don't have to beat him on all the regents, just enough for a majority.

The Precincts Regent is one of the Council that they know the least about, and haven't directly dealt with themselves. He's one of the more private of the regents, and spends a lot of time dealing with conflicting instructions from home. He is generally considered the regent most likely to abstain on any particular issue, as his decision making is curtailed by sages, who are more likely to say no than yes.

In any event, he hasn't put his plan into action yet. He must be waiting for something, perhaps some sort of trigger. Cai Wen cuts to the chase - is there any easy way to get a ton of favors all at once, or some sort of universal favor? In particular, does the Regent have any suggestions for what to do with not all that much meta-time?

Well, if the Council of Sages told him not to do it, then he wouldn't. But that just moves the problem elsewhere - then they would have to get the proxies instead of favor with the regents. (Ahah, it starts to come together how this is all one plot after all.) But, in the Dragon's Throne right now, if you need to get something done fast, and have to come up with favors on people now, the person to talk to is the Imperial Consort - er, the First Concubine, that is.

He does say that he would be willing to offer a favor for a Significant Quantity of duplicating paper - Cai Wen says he will take care of that. The group also asks for any news on the war side of things from the capitol. Well, the Regency Council is generally unwilling to overrule the Warlord on war matters, but some progress has been made on intelligence matters. The unwillingness to share information with the Arcade has lessened, though it is not completely gone.

The group takes their leave, and heads up to the Jade District to talk to Precious Jade. They head to the Garden of Benevolent Tranquility, where Takanata sends runners to ask for an appointment with Precious Jade, and begins to meditate.

Once at their appointment, Cai Wen explains to Precious Jade about the whole being behind in favors. What options do they have? Precious Jade thinks there are two main paths: first is to overcome the favor advantages, which does involve lots of favor bartering. The second choice is to cut a larger deal with the Precincts Regent, if they can offer enough. A third, slower, way would be to get enough proxies in the Precincts to replace him, and then Sage Tuan will have to spend some time bringing the new Regent in on the plan. Depending on the source of the favors, they might be kept by the old Regent (his personal favors) or given to the new Regent (the favors that Sage Tuan acquired).

Making a deal will be hard - the dark side, Precious Jade points out, is to use blackmail or threats. Speaking of which, did they actually once have the blackmail letters of Fu Manchu? The party regretfully admits that they used to, but they've been used up since. Is there some sort of Blackmail Market, that they could just buy a bunch of blackmail at? Well, not exactly. However, the secret archives of the Serpent Regent are said to have a lot of incriminating secrets. Of course, robbing those archives will bring down a lot of people trying to kill them.

Precious Jade can certainly help if they need favors, but at this point, they don't think doing it onesie twosies is the way to go. They thank her, and head off again.

On their way out, the group passes through the Hall of Military Glory, which seems to be constructed in a newer architecture then some of the rest of the Jade District. The purpose of this building is that it is where the Emperor or the Heir goes to be armed and armored in time of War. There are also a number of rooms dedicated to past Imperial Warlords and their arms and armor.

Master Zhou concludes with enthusiasm that this is the most recent building in the entire district, and it was personally designed by Huan Ken.

Xiao Fa thinks about the chi of the building - there seem to be several options.

  • Is Xiao Fa currently at war? Yes
  • Does he lead from the front or the back? The front

His chi shifts, and his Tao suddenly drops to a temporary zero. However, he can add a total of 16 to his Body or Reflexes, until he uses his Tao again. He splits it 8 and 8.

There doesn't seem to be a good way to gather all of the Regents favor in one fell swoop, so the party decides to consider this third of the plot investigated but not solved, and regroups to think about proxies.

Proxy Fight

Proxies, as used by the Sages at least, are documents, so they can be stolen (or "secured"). Lijuan asks Zhuai if he thinks they can secure the proxies, and then use them to gather the favors from the Precincts Regent. He doesn't think that will work as well as they would like - basically, each of the three plots is a thwart, and while each thwart will put a spoke in the wheel of the Precincts plot, it will be hard to accomplish one plot and then turn around and use it to automatically accomplish the next one. They could probably use the proxies to get a favor, or get the Regent to use some of the favors as needed for something he wants to do more than the Tanzhe plan, but not just "Give us all the favors" or "Use all the favors on other things". Probably about half of the Precincts Regent's favors came from Sage Tuan, so he's not going to be using those on some other plot - and accomplishing a Tanzhe win for the Precincts would likely be a big career victory for the Regent himself.

Cai Wen mentions the ninjas he sent to investigate Sage Tuan - they didn't find out about the proxies, but they did find out about the favors, and they got the idea that the plan to use the favors was waiting for a signal, which was probably the spy.

This idea of hiring ninjas to do everything seems fun - could they hire the House of Laughing Shadow to find out where the proxies are? Or use Night's Promise, which owes them a major intervention? Or the combination of Mako, the Night's Promise master, and Ayuki?

Cai Wen tips a functionary to get some information with KS: Proxies. They are documents, but they're very difficult to forge, and easy to destroy or void. They're likely to be in a vault in Tuan's house. Lijuan checks with local urchins about Sage Tuan's security - they can tell her that the red-liveried guards are easy to fool than the green-liveried guards.

Bian Mei-Ling is summoned for help, and since Councillor Tuan is interested in textiles, she can arrange for a family invitation. She and Takanata and Councillor Tuan discuss having Takanata paint art silks, which Mei-Ling is sure will add another tael value to her silk bonus. Takanata memorizes Tuan, and then uses Hand on the Pattern to have him be out of the house and somewhere else on the evening of the breakin.

A plan is concocted: Some of Lijuan's urchins are provided with fireworks to set off a distraction at the other side of the house to draw off the outer guards, and then the party will sneak in and look for the vault. Cai Wen wonders where the plan will first go wrong, and concludes that even the red-liveried guards are likely to be able to capture urchins, and that will lead back to it being known that the party is behind the theft.

The Danger Squad, on the other hand, should be able to set off fireworks and then escape, so the plan is amended, and then put into action!

The party (including Bian Mei-Ling, Gi-Su, Koiso, and Zhuai) gets to Tuan's villa, hiding in some nearby trees. The fireworks start to go off, drawing away several of the outer red-livery guards. However, there's a guard on the near side of the house, so Cai Wen offers him 50 li to go see what the commotion is about, preferably away from here. Ho lures away the other red guard on the east side of the house, leaving it clear for attack.

Master Zhou and Lijuan head up the east side of the building, peeking in windows - Master Zhou spots a couple busy in a bedroom.


In the southeast corner, Shen-Ji makes a hole in the wall, and bursts into the kitchen, coming immediately to the attention of a red-liveried guard warming himself at the stove. Xiao Fa follows him in through the hole in the wall, as the guard attacks Shen-Ji.


Takanata walks the Fluttering Path, and dashes northwards surprisingly fast.

Xiao Fa listens at the inner kitchen door, and hears the sounds of combat from the other side, much to his surprise.


Lijuan climbs through the bedroom window without too much noise; the couple hasn't noticed her yet. She listens at the inner door, and also hears the sounds of combat, until a voice shouts "Point!"


The couple notices the woman standing at the foot of their bed, and take a moment to boggle.


Gi Su and Shen-Ji head northwards from the kitchen, through the non-combat door, into a well-furnished dining room. Gi Su is particularly impressed by the porcelain collection, including an antique singing bowl.

"We're doing crime, right?" -Gi Su


At this point, Takanata, Bian Mei-Ling, and Cai Wen and Koiso (on Cai Wen's horse) are up at the northeast corner of the house, while Lijuan, Gi Su, Shen-Ji, Zhuai, Master Zhou, and Xiao Fa are in various rooms on the east side. (Master Zhou is finishing up with Red 11).


Lijuan tells the couple "We're both so happy for you, dears, leaves a packet of pregnancy tea on the nightstand, and leaps back out the window.


Once Master Zhou finishes knocking out the guard, Zhuai helps him get the guard's uniform on. Zhuai seems to be quite adept at this - surely he doesn't have "steal guard's uniform and disguise someone else with it" as a skill, but probably something more overarching.


Off in the distance, the guards dealing with the fireworks shout unhappily about the perpetrators having gotten away.

Takanata determines with Eyes of the I Ching that there is someone fairly nearby in the room or rooms to the west, but is hopeful that it might not be the same room.


Cai Wen and Koiso ride along the northern side of the house, in order to kite the guards away from Takanata's corner.


Takanata, now joined by Lijuan, punches (!) through the wall into the study, and is disappointed that there is in fact a guard in the room. Bian Mei-Ling quickly wraps him up with silk.


Cai Wen shouts wildly about how the bad guys burned their faces (to explain the masks), and tries to get the guards to chase the aforementioned bad guys. While he isn't entirely clear, he is eminently distracting.

Shen-Ji punches a hole from the dining room into the bedroom, and Master-Zhou-as-guard nerve strikes the young man in the bed, leading to a lot of screaming from the young woman.

Gi-Su, intrigued, thinks that there is a minor magic items on each of the two nightstands, and the effects of the two items are fighting. Shen-Ji puts a wall of iron in front of the door to the courtyard.


In the study, Takanata puts a wall of stone in front of the door, and Lijuan searches the room, finding a safe in a cabinet.

Unfortunately, Takanata's wall is not blocking the courtyard door, so Green Guard 8 comes in, and attacks Lijuan. In the bedroom, Shen-Ji opens another hole in the wall to the study to the north, and Gi-Su, looting the little magic items, has a line of sight to Master Zhou using Hands Without Shadow on Green 8, much to his excitement.


In the office, Takanata finds a locked section of the bookcase, and gestures Bian Mei-Ling over. It can only be looted one scroll at a time, but Takanata finds a Scroll of Answers which has 9 points left, and takes it.

Lijuan works on opening the safe, and makes some progress. With help from Takanata and some karma, she gets it open.

Koiso loots Sage Tuan's desk for useful stuff, and then people investigate the safe.

The safe has six boxes, each of which is one-hand bulky.

Box #1 : Records of Tuan's illegal activities. Cai Wen grabs it and hands it to Koiso.

In response to the screaming from the bedroom, the guards get in. They're surprised to see the young man, but quickly evacuate the young woman.


Box #2: passwords and deeds for financial stuffs. Lijuan grabs it.

Box #3 is filled with the sought-after proxies. Shen-Ji grabs it. Success, time to leave! (Or perhaps continue to loot.)

Box #4 is records on other sages' illegal doings - blackmail materials.

Box #5 is love letters, birth certificates, and so on. These are the documents that establish the lineage of Yellow 2, 3, and 4, the three teenagers in the house. Gi-Su grabs it.

Box #6 contains notes on other experts in architecture, textiles, and ceramics. Bian grabs it.

Master Zhou and Xiao Fa (still low-Tao, high-Physical) hold the door and bedroom hole against the guards, as everyone else starts climbing back out the outer hole.


Cai Wen pulls a scroll on criminal procedure out of the locked bookcase.

The guards start shouting to bring in the reserves, but they won't get there until next turn.

As the evacuation continues, Takanata adds a stone wall to block the exit.


Master Zhou pulls "Secrets of the True Master" from the bookcase, someone else pulls a book on "What is Truth", and then everyone finishes evacuating, just as the reinforcements arrive.


The group regroups back at the Benevolent Headquarters, where notes are compared with Lady Jin, who has also returned, mostly in one piece.

"Do you know who the Marked are? Apparently now they are annoyed with me." -Lady Jin

The Northwestern commander’s aide was in the pay of the Illuminated Precincts. The Obsidian Warlord was not pleased to learn that, and now he is dead. (The aide, that is). She also dealt with several ghosts, which is what made the Marked not happy.

The general plan seems to be: when the Arcade's forces are requisitioned, the Illuminated Precincts will jump in to offer to protect the Tanze Plain against bandits (since they are known to be such a problem), and the Regency Council will direct them to hold it for the interim. But once they have it, possession is much easier to leverage into holding it more permanently (or, at least, as permanently as the Tanzhe is ever held.).