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Here be facts, conjectures, and workings related to the renaming of countries. Country renaming is the mechanic through which Dragon is placed on TOP of the cycle. This is in addition to mastering the Walls and placing his imprint on the North and South. Finally, a Dragon Emperor needs to be crowned.

It bears mentioning that there are 5 states when considering how many countries have been renamed:

  • All Spider's Way (and we want to avoid letting it slide back to this point)
  • Mostly Spider's Way
  • Evenly Split (which is where we are now)
  • Mostly Dragon's Way
  • All Dragon's Way.


Shrouded Isle (pka Phoenix Hearth)

  • The Songstress is working on a working, apparently involving whalesong.
  • A previous working idea involved Kuan-Xi marrying the Firelord's heir, but that was thwarted when Kuan-Xi was hurt by Autumn Rose
  • Another working idea had involved Long Yue-Mei but that was thwarted by the party's obligations to the royal family of the Butterfly Isle

Hon'eth Arcade (pka Magpie's Treasure)

  • ZCW: I think that the Hon'eth family is one of the ones that joined together to become part of the House of Benevolent Oversight.

Qin Chao Steppes (pka Watchdog Steppes)

  • Kar Fai tried to learn how to change the Steppes, but to no avail. It seems he was unable to gain any leverage, and only succeeded in irritating the First Servant and himself. There was a theory that if he proved himself valuable to the Steppes by walking the Wall, he would be considered an insider and could begin to make changes. Sadly we were not able to verify this theory before Xiao Fa redirected him to tackle the Roof of the World.
  • Xiao Fa has learned a Chi Polling shtick and intends to go to the Steppes and use it as soon as we can putter that far. The Chi Polling shtick must be used several times in a country, across something of a cross-section of areas, to determine the lay of the land, as it were. After it is used in this way, it will generate homework. Once that homework is done, the answers can be used in a Chi Working shtick (that Xiao Fa is yet to buy) that will generate a working to change the name of the country.
  • The chi of the Steppes is now associated with marriage. Only those who are married can help with the Chi Polling or have a significant effect on creating the working. That's why Kar Fai failed, and Xiao Fa will need the help of, say, the married PCs to be able to complete his efforts here.

Bear Mountain (pka Iron Mountain, ppka Bear Mountain)

  • The tree that Lucky Chang chopped for his bet with Lord Yu was an Ironwood tree.
  • Kar Fai tore up the tree and kicked Lucky Chang out of the Red Pagoda.

Foxwoods (pka Jade Taiga (ppka Foxruns))

Plains of Honor(pka Savannah of Tears(pka Savannah of Tigers))

  • The war in the Tanzhe Plain roughly 61 years ago that the Savannah did not join.
  • Renamed in Night of Gates VI.1

Craneslake Heights (pka Roof of the World (pka Cranesflight Heights))

Li Kao's Roof of the World Renaming Ritual is described in this link. Done in Return of the King.