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This is not an exhaustive list, obviously. Just because something isn't on the list doesn't mean you can't do it. Also, it may be useful for people to treat the list below as some benchmarks that we will use when determining what the power of a shtick is - not a toolkit from which all shticks must be built.


General Modifiers

  • +Dice or Skill for Something rolled by someone else, or a power given to someone else is generally +2 Power. (Damage and healing don't need modifiers to apply to others, though could be 1 power cheaper if they're self-only.)
    • Additional +2 to give it to all members of a coherent group simultaneously.
  • Results per success (damage or healing) generally scales linearly with shtick Power, with healing getting a bonus +1.
  • +Dice for Something can be +Dice for something broader for +1 Power (Ranged Combat instead of Throwing Knife, Melee Combat instead of Kung Fu Chop)
  • +1 power for ranged effects
  • +1 power to create a new attack form (i.e. a sorcerous blast, or a chi strike...)
  • +1 power to expand damage to everyone in a hex
  • +3 power to expand damage to a radius-based effect biggest in the middle (Champions "explosion" style)
  • +5 power for mad storms of area
  • Specific cases of a general power are usually much cheaper. While desolidification in all of its glory is power 9 (including "immune to arrows", "passing through walls", and a number of other things.), the ability to pass through a wall is more like power 3; maybe 2 to pass through closed doors.
  • Note that shtick frequency approximately controls the frequency with which you get a use of the power. If you want something that has a longer than "single-use" duration, but only comes on infrequently, talk to us about the specific details, to see if increased frequency cost or increased power cost is more appropriate.


Power 1

  • +1 Die for Something Specific (Dodging in Melee, Chopping, Singing, etc.)
  • An inconsequential sort of change ("I'm sparkly!" or "My clothes are tidy" or "I can sheathe my sword extra-dramatically"). This is the sort of thing we don't guarantee will ever be useful.
  • +1 Skill for Something Specific
    • Note that shticks which could be exactly simulated by buying more skill in something should just be done by buying more skill. We expect this to be for lower-frequency shticks or buffs.

Power 2

  • +3 Dice for Something Specific (Dodging Ranged Attacks, Sword Striking, Seducing, etc.)
  • +3 Skill for Something Specific
  • +1 Die for Something Wider (Social Skills, Ranged Combat, All Dodging)
  • +1 Skill for Something Wider
  • -1 Difficulty for Something Specific

Power 3

  • Split a die pool three ways.
  • Using your hands as a x3 damage weapon. (No range, common attack)
  • Arbitrary Senses (Danger Sense, Darkvision, etc.)
  • +5 dice for Something Specific
  • A previously undefined part of the world is plausibly in my favor ("Hey, I have matches in my backpack!" or "I know a guy who lives around here").
  • Verify information
  • A reasonably useful change ("Plants obey me")
  • Use a different stat for a die pool for a particular thing ("I dodge with my Yin!")
  • Blunt (decrease damage multiplier) v. Narrow attack
  • Take a particular sort of out-of-stat action
  • Spend less than 99 zhu on something without worrying about it.
  • Spend points on a skill as if it were intrinsic.
  • Got Your Nose / Nerve Strike
  • Add Yang to damage

Power 4

  • Enhanced defenses (Narrow) (1/2 damage from X, where X is something like Poison, Arrows, Fire)
  • Enhanced defenses (Narrow) (My resistance applies to X, where X is something like Poison, Dark Chi, other no-resistance attacks)
  • -1 difficulty for Something Wider
  • -2 difficulty for Something Specific
  • Blunt v. Wide attack
  • Add Yang (or appropriate Chi stat) to dice for a particular action
  • Disarm weapon

Power 5

  • Provide a separate die pool for something (Dodging, Attacking)
  • Using a sword as a x5 damage weapon.
  • Use your hands as a x5 damage weapon.
  • Use hairpins as a x5 damage weapon.
  • Using bow as a x4 weapon. (+1 power cost since it's Ranged)
  • Generate information from nowhere
  • Take any out-of-stat action

Power 6

  • Split a die pool unlimited ways.
  • Double your dice for something (Dodging, Chopping, Singing, etc.)
  • -3 difficulty for Something Specific
  • -2 difficulty for Something Wider
  • Enhanced Defenses (Wide)

Power 7

  • Absolute Defenses (Narrow), such as Immunity to a Common Sense (Invisibility, Silence, etc.), Poisons, Arrows, Fire
  • Teaching: give someone a use of my shtick (I don't have that use)

Power 8

  • Teaching: give someone a copied use of my shtick (I still have my use)

Power 9

  • Absolute Defenses (Wide): Desolidification, Magic Immunity, etc.

Power 10

Power N

  • Heal Yin Successes * (N) via spirit healing. (No range, +1 power for new form)
  • Do Yang Successes * (N-2) Damage via spirit blast. (+1 power for range, +1 power for new form)

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