Sankara Stone

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A powerful artifact from the South, linked with one of their strange barbarian Gods. The stones come in Greater and Lesser varieties. The party has encountered a few of them that have been buried or otherwise hidden in the Empire. Bearers of the Stones inside the Empire find the effects reversed-- the stone of Kali, which provides extra dice for destructive actions when in the South, reduces dice for destruction inside the Empire. Similarly, the Lesser Sankara Stone of Death (Yama), which allows the bearer to succeed at all death checks in the South, causes all death checks to be failed inside the Empire. (We think. We haven't technically tested that one.)

"The tale of a monk who carried a stone that could not be broken, which he said was the heaviest stone in the world. He said that it was his burden to carry, and carrying the burden would make him stronger."
  • Greater Sankara Stone of Destruction
The possessor of this stone may add three dice to any roll that seeks to destroy something or someone. The possessor of this stone will find any plans of destruction succeed interestingly well (at the three karma level).Cave of Wonders
  • Lesser Sankara Stone of Death
+ 3 dice to harm living things, automatically succeed at death checks. Chochiro's List Part IV
  • Lesser Sankara Stone of Night
A small black stone, with wavy white stripes. Near the top, in red on black, is a representation of the moon. Near the bottom are the three lines of karma in white.
The possessor of this stone may add three dice to any roll occurring at night.
The possessor of this stone will heal all injury, damage, or other inflicted discomfiture after a full night's rest. Stone in the Earth
A woman, looking resigned but resolved, carved in grey stone, weathered with age. In her stone hands, clutched tightly, is a Sankara Stone.