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Here might be a good place to keep a list of Secrets and the groups with whom it's ok to share them.

Active Secrets

  • The Imperial Alchemist is using Aku's overreaching ambition to get Spider in charge of the Empire. If successful, he plans to close Spider's skin around Aku, trapping him in the Spider nature. Aku can take the Empire but not rule it. Spider could rule the Empire, but not take it.
Share with: Party only. We are bound by agreement between Takanata and the Alchemist to keep this quiet. No kidding, probably shouldn't mess with this.
  • We have the Butterfly Talisman, the Magpie Talisman, the Monkey Talisman, and Kali's Sankara stone.
Share with: Party only, though Iala Mane knows that we have the Sankara Stone, and at least Ezokin knows that we have the Magpie Talisman and others.
  • The Party has been over the wall, and this has severed their connection with certain magics.
Share with: whom?
  • A daughter of House Sung escaped and is staying with the House of Gainful Protection in the Honeth Arcade.
Share with: Not House Zhen.
  • The existence of Three Piers or the fact that the Fog Ship visits there regularly, or the place's relationship to the Whale spirit.
Share with: Party only

Expired Secrets

  • The party is traveling with the Circus in order to mask the fact that we're trying to get to the Strand, to find Master Hsi, a renowned alchemist, and to offer him the Sphere of Harmony (one of the Seven Treasures of the Court of Distinction) to beg his assistance in preparing a Tincture of Pure Respite (or any other aid he can grant) to help Ti Lao fully recover. Is this still a secret?
Share with: Party only
  • Hana is a ghost as a result of the southron ritual. She is both manifest and corporeal. (These are technical terms.)
Share with: Party only She's in the North now, not sure if this is relevant any more...?
  • Shen Wei Han is somehow associated with Winter and the North Wall, in more ways than just having been posted up there.
Share with: Party only Outside the party, it's OK to reveal it to gain more information if the risks are minor. After all, the story of him walking into (and back out of) a block of solid unmelting ice is likely to spread. Hey, the demons seem to know, so...
  • Lijuan is probably descended from the last bear emperor.
Share with: Whoever seems appropriate, considering that the current regime would attempt to kill any such heir. This info is out there now.
  • Lijuan isn't dead.
Share with: Party, House Sung This cat is longest of its bag.
  • There is a Dragon Egg in a cave in Two Names (a town in the disputed region between the Strand and the Savannah). It is being protected by the Serpent spirit.
Share with: Party only It's possible that we are actually incapable of telling people outside the party this, we have not experimented. Anti isn't there anymore, so that's that.
Share with: Fine to share. No one is surprised that Spider has 'guys' or that they want to be Emperor.
  • Countries used to be named for each of the Cycle animals but someone has been changing them.
Share with: whom?
Has been shared with: Lots of people.