Shan Tsu

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A martial artist and follower of Kar Fai. According to Iala Mane, he is probably one of the Silver Dragons. Previously a follower of Quan Lo, he left the Green Pagoda to join the Red before Kar Fai left. He continued on as Kar Fai's second, teaching at the Red Pagoda in his master's absence, until some time before the start of game. He was first seen by the party in Four Brothers, although Master Zhou and Zhu Cai-Wen heard tell that he traveled north along the Pearl River with Iala Mane after Sands of Blood.

Shan Tsu ran into Xiao Fa in A Busy Day. He tasked Xiao Fa with either finding a Geomancer or Chi Master who could slip a group of people into the Hidden City stealthily or learning to do so himself by the time Shan Tsu needed such an inroad. That turned out to not be necessary, however.

The Party once again met Shan Tsu on the road in Traveling Without the Butterfly Prince. On that occasion, Xiao Fa used The Glow on Shan Tsu and gave him a Dragon aspect.